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Игры Векс картинка

We live in the era of photorealistic graphics, and it is customary to taunt video games with simple visual effects. However, Vex games are a great example of the fact that a good game does not always need cool graphics. Indeed, the arcades of this series are made schematically: you will play as a black man, and you will have to jump between colorful blocks, trying not to fall into the trap.

Any new Vex game offers updated game levels, but the mechanics and controls do not are changing. Initially, Veks video games may seem too simple or even childish, but after going through several levels, you will understand that everything is not as simple as it seemed at first: tricks are becoming more complicated, corridors are more complicated, and traps, stakes and deadly screws are waiting everywhere. Only a player with well-trained fingers can complete the Vex.

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