Umizumi Games

Игры Умизуми картинка

                                   In computer games today they play everything from small to large. With the choice for the older gamers, today everything is in order, but for the smallest players there are interesting offers that would completely satisfy the aesthetic taste of the parents and at the same time the children would like much less. One such suggestion is the Umizumi game. Perhaps someone is already familiar with Umi City and the mischievous Team Umizumi, whose senior representative is only six years old, because even before the advent of a series of computer games, Umizumi managed to win the hearts of many children.

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Представители команды Умизуми

Milli, she is Millus Ruth - the name of this charismatic baby speaks for itself. Chubby pretty lady of six years with red long hair, braided. Very fond of experimenting with the form. Modeling is her weakness. She is subject to the power of the pattern, with her help a girl can change the shape of any objects around. At the same time, very often even uses her own hair for measurement, which, at the request of the girl, turns into a milli-line query. Her invariable dress in fuchsia color easily changes its shape at the request of the owner. He loves and appreciates his younger brother and robot Bot.

Geo, aka George Robert - a five-year-old baby, Millie's younger brother. Like my sister, she loves math very much. A happy owner of a magic belt with miraculous figures, with the help of which you can create anything, for example, all kinds of vehicles or other units necessary to complete the tasks received. Likes to ride miracle videos. An irreplaceable member of the Umizumi team. It always appears in a blue suit.

Игры Умизуми

Bot, it’s also William Robot - you can’t call this robot soulless. He loves to sing and dance, fun and funny. He is very friendly with Millie and Geo, often helping them in solving complex mathematical problems. His nags and arms are able to stretch, which greatly helps the rescue team. It is in his head that there is a receiver that receives Umi signals sent by the residents of the town.

Umimobile - this orange vehicle can also be considered a full member of the Umizumi team. He knows how to behave humanly and never fails a cheerful trinity, all the time rushing to someone to help, but on the contrary he can even suggest what is the best way to do this or that situation.

Games team Umizumi is an online arcade genre that tells about the adventures of a team of young mathematics lovers and their faithful friend, a robot. Now the team applies their knowledge and skills not only in the animated series, but also in games, in addition, none of them is opposed to anyone who wants to join the team as Umi-friend and help them solve this or that problem of the residents of Umi City. We offer to get acquainted with the crumbs closer.

Play is always interesting

So, you probably already guessed that the Umizumi Team is always glad to accept anyone who wants to join its ranks. So you just need to choose which of the Umizumi games you play first, and which one to leave for later. And there is plenty to choose from. Colorful puzzles and searching for lost numbers, racing a bike or car, hide and seek in Umi City and much more. Either a monkey needs help, or a playful cat put in place.

Umizumi does not get bored in the company. There is always someone to help here, because the radar on Bot’s head is always at the reception and catches requests for help in a row. In Umizumi games, the abilities of the robot Bot and the kids themselves are very widely used. You need to die, Millie is right there, but to make a vehicle is to Geo. Believe it or not, in such a fun and good company you can only learn good manners. In addition, you can learn the basics of the account in English. So for children, you cannot simply find kinder toys.

Игры Умизуми

Perhaps someone will consider such games primitive, but this is far from the case, they are simply designed for a children's audience. After all, children want to become Umi friends for cartoon characters, it is they who sacredly believe in a fairy tale and in the fact that they can save a fictional world. By the way, the biggest shkodnik in games is the cat, which you have to catch up from time to time and teach the mind. So there is no negative in Umizumi games, but you can easily get a good mood.

Management and gameplay features

Umizumi games are very easy to manage. In addition to the mouse and arrows, children do not need anything. Any child can learn in the company of young mathematics lovers not only to count, but also to distinguish between figures. In addition, you can make anything out of the figures themselves. At the same time, it will be necessary to collect various vehicles from time to time in various games, because the Umizumi team has to swim across the river, climb mountains, and catch the wicked offenders along the highway. In this case, the proposed stencil will need to be filled with geometric shapes using the mouse. Do not be surprised at the same time, if you have to choose a round scrambled eggs or a triangular piece of cake, the car designed in such a way will definitely go.

Umizumi games are distinguished by excellent graphics. Starting to play, the child feels like a hero of his favorite series and communicates on equal terms with little Millie and her brother Geo. This has its own special meaning. Psychologists say that in a company of peers, any material is absorbed more easily. So, by introducing your own child to these kids, you will give him the opportunity not only to play, but at the same time to learn math.