Games Snail Bob

Игры Улитка Боб картинка

                                   Girls, boys and even adult computer game lovers are unlikely to leave indifferent the adventures of the charming Bob. This brave gastropod is capable of much. Free online games snail bob are exciting and interesting. Even passive observation of the protagonist’s actions causes emotion, and giving the child all possible assistance, you are so imbued with love for this good-natured animal that you want to meet him again and again. Great animation and unobtrusive fun music make the games about the numerous adventures of the good-natured snail especially attractive.

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Быть улиткой очень непросто

The life of a small clam is full of adventures and surprises. Finds their cute snail Bob with incredible speed. A quiet and calm forest resident manages to get from one alteration to another all the time. However, with all the difficulties that fell on his head, the baby copes perfectly. In unforeseen circumstances, he shows endurance with patience and prudence. Only so slowly but surely does he move towards victory, overcoming one level after another in exciting games.

Main parts

  • In the first part, the snail bean, lost, is not at all upset, but carefully searches the way home, on the second one goes to the birthday of your beloved grandfather, despite the fact that the road must be long and far from easy.
  • In the third game, the adventures of a little friend with a house on his head become even more exciting, because having come to visit his grandfather working in the museum, the kid manages to find a car time and to be with it no where else, but in ancient Egypt, and this, you see, is a little like a cozy sink. In ancient Egypt, our friend will have to fight with the evil enemy, which adds even more interest to what is happening.
  • Our hero also does not refuse the offer to go on a long interplanetary journey. So in the fourth part of the game, the snail bob, the restless owner of the shell house will have to get used to all the nuances of being in space, get used to weightlessness and daily training and constantly find ways to get out of difficult situations, while away from the home planet.
  • In the fifth the game our brave romantic with a house on his head falls in love. Yes, not to anyone, but to a famous singer. It’s not easy to approach her, because the diva is quite picky and picky. Yes, and rivals in the ardent and passionate owner of a fashionable purple cylinder are solid and moneyy. Only true love and faith in oneself and perseverance in achieving the goal help the young connoisseur of female beauty not only to be noticed by the outrageous singer, but also to achieve favor on her part.
  • The sixth game snail bob also does not do without the participation of his grandfather, our brave traveler decides to celebrate Christmas with his family, and not shut himself in his cozy and comfortable sink.

All adventures of the brave clam deserve attention , difficulties and dangers are surmountable, and faith in your own strength and your help is enormous. Indeed, among the enemies there is a huge toad and crocodiles of unreal sizes, trying to swallow it, heartless crab, threatening to crush the harmless baby or spider, hiding in its web mechanisms that must be set in motion for the successful passage of certain levels. One thing is obvious, no matter who bothers the little snail Bob, victory will still be his. And the path to it is so exciting and interesting that it is simply impossible to become an outside observer, while the game process itself is optimized and easy to perceive.

Gameplay about Bob Snail games

Gameplay of the arcade series is so simple and at the same time interesting that indifference will not remain for sure. Ordinary snails are not inclined to travel so much, but our brave hero is simply forced to do so because of certain circumstances. Each of the developing children's games is a physical platformer puzzle in which the character moves independently. You need to manage not the snail Bob himself, but his environment. And the main character, if necessary, can always be stopped by clicking on the sink. A second click will force him to continue the path.

In order to play Bob's snail, you will have to set in motion a lot of triggers of various difficulty levels. Elevators and elevators, moving platforms, knife switches can be made to work with a simple click of the left mouse button. The most important thing is to unravel the sequence of all these manipulations.

Игры Улитка Боб

Ease of management allows you to spend time playing the game for both the smallest fans of online games and older children. If desired, the speed of movement can always be doubled, because the snails crawl slowly, and sometimes it is so difficult to wait. Change the direction of movement of the character is also possible. Moreover, without using these buttons, some levels are simply impossible to pass.

Management and goals

To ensure that the wait is not so burdensome, starting from the third part of the game snail bob, you will need not only go through each level, but also find stars hidden on the playing field. This will make it possible to be in the gallery of modern art of gastropods, in addition, having earned a sufficient number of stars, you can solve a number of entertaining puzzles in bonus levels.

If you can’t find one of the stars or just pass the level, you can always use the pass button and get a hint. You can control Bob himself using the keyboard. By pressing the spacebar, you can stop the snail or make it move on. By pressing 1, the direction of movement changes, and by pressing 2, the speed. Each of the games has a Russian-language version. In case you accidentally changed the language, it will be enough to select the RU button in the drop-down list and everything will become clear and understandable again.

Игра про улиткау Боба

To know the world around us in such a fascinating way is interesting and simple. The knowledge gained during the passage of the arcade is invaluable, and they are acquired much more easily. So playing the game Snail Bob online is very useful, especially since it is free! Do not deny your children pleasure. Embark on a journey together. Get the joy of talking and answering endless “whys.” This arcade is best for children from 5 years old, but those who are older will also like it, because there are no age restrictions on it.