Baby Care Games

Игры Уход за малышами картинка

                                   Any girl dreams of her own child. Looking at her mother, she also wants to look after a little boy or little girl, change diapers and diapers, feed from a spoon, carry on her hands, and also bathe in a bath and do many more interesting things. But since mom does not allow all this to be done with a brother or sister, one has to beg parents for toys that allow them to take care of them in every possible way. Baby care games for girls allow you not to spend a lot of money on dolls. In them, every young mother will be able to take care of a virtual tomboy, which will need to be not only fed, but also treated, and bought and played in every possible way with him.

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Игра Няня для малышки Хейзел Nanny for baby Hazel
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Революция жанра

Not so long ago there were no computers. For many little girls, the main entertainment was games with numerous small dolls and dolls. However, everything in this world is fleeting, including the choice of toys. Games care for babies - for many young lovers, today they have almost completely replaced real dolls and dolls. Virtual peanuts in them allow themselves to bang their legs with a lack of attention and be capricious, they ask for their hands all the time, do not forget to inform, while still loudly, about their hunger and desire to eat, in general, they behave the same way as real babies.

Игры Уход за малышами

It is a pleasure to watch cute nanny mothers from the outside, but it is far from always possible to satisfy a number of the many needs of the screaming buzzes and make them aguk and smile. As a rule, in games of such a plan the baby needs to be dressed, fed, watered and put to bed. At the same time, you will also have to change diapers and process it with powder, and read a bedtime story if necessary.

Care for babies will be a favorite activity of little girls

When you see a tiny squealing lump in front of you with eyes buttons, it is difficult to resist and hide your emotions. Immediately I want to take the crumbs in my hands, find a thousand affectionate words to calm him, in general, to do everything so that the baby is cozy and comfortable. The explanation for this is simple - the maternal instinct is triggered. The fact that girls have such an instinct largely explains children's games in mother-daughter, love for dolls and a desire to care about someone. And if there are no small children in the family who you can pay attention to, then games about caring for babies are exactly the place where young nannies learn to take care of the younger ones and give them all kinds of attention.

Игры Уход за малышами

These games are diverse . Among them are dressing-ups and games in which it is necessary to find something specific, for example, a rattle. In some babysitters you need to spend the whole day with the baby and at the same time go for a walk with him and make purchases, make sure that he is constantly dry and do not forget to feed at the set time.
Sometimes there are several kids. That's where the fun begins. One wants to eat, the other to sleep, and the third needs to change the diaper. And the poor nanny is spinning, like a squirrel in a wheel, running from one baby to another. Moreover, the task is sometimes complicated by the fact that the game has only one changing table and one highchair. But try to explain to the baby that his place is still taken.

The main thing is for the kids to be happy

The nannies are different, however, like the games about them. But the end result of each of the players playing with different nuances is the well-being of the babies entrusted to their cares. Each of the nannies has their own tactics in achieving their goals and their own tricks.
У каждой из нянь своя тактика в достижении поставленной цели и свои уловки.

Игра уход за детьми

Caring for children is not an easy task. You must admit that in order to keep track of everything and still have time for your beloved, you need to put in order perseverance, patience and speed in decision-making and sequence of actions. While entertaining a mobile restless crumb, one will even have to dress for the upcoming walk without letting go of the rattle. But you need to decent dress the baby and look decent herself. At the same time, do not forget that during feeding the baby may reluctantly stain your clothes. So it’s worth first to feed the baby, and then think about yourself. By the way, you can take a children's book with you for a walk, but you don’t have to worry about a newspaper with crosswords, there will be no time to relax. As soon as the child falls asleep, you can take a walk to the store with a stroller.

Virtual day nurseries

The situation is somewhat different in those games where you need to watch and take care of several children at the same time. This is where you need to have a motor, otherwise there’s simply nothing to do. In the virtual manger, the poor nanny is not very sweet. Only perseverance and hard work here, perhaps, will not be enough. Also, love for children should be unlimited. One cannot dream of free time working at such a pace. But the skill is useful, and even what! Games care for children for girls teach you how to do several things at once. After all, in them at the same time it will be necessary to bathe the babies, prepare a mixture for them, feed them, change diapers and palm off rattles. In general, feel like a bee. On how clearly such a busy business day will be planned, and it will depend on how supportive the parents of the kids will be.

Do not forget that only until six months the babies will lie where you put them. Older Tomboys bring even more trouble. Some begin to creep out, do not always readily sit down on the pot, begin to scatter toys more intensely. All these little Skodniks have to deal with, and your task is to keep track of, prevent, catch on time, sit in the playpen.

You begin to experience true bliss when satisfied parents begin to take one of their favorite children one by one. It’s good that they were all virtual, and you could cope with all the tasks by looking at the numerous prompts on the screen and clicking the mouse in the right place.

The games for caring for kids are instructive and interesting. Girls are happy to take part in caring for peanuts, while displaying the best of their qualities and acquiring from childhood precious experience and knowledge that will come in handy in any adult life.