Games The Amazing World of Gumball

Игры Удивительный мир Гамбола картинка

Imagine a world inhabited by talking animals, and you are its resident. Everyone eats, drinks, studies and goes to work, leading a normal human life. Of course, the cartoon is magical, to take at least that a twelve-year-old kitten lives in it. In reality, the cat at age 12 is already quite old, but here it is just a teenager. But the problems of the characters are taken from real life and help children learn how to solve them correctly. Games the wonderful world of Gumball is an arcade with the heroes of the cartoon about animals.

The main character Gambol Waterson constantly gets into various alterations. But he does not learn at all from his mistakes. In regular games, you control the main character, and the games Gumball and Darwin provide an opportunity to play for his friend as well. Playing with the main characters of the cartoon is terribly fun, you can fight bowling, ride a skateboard or hang out at the construction site!

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