Games The shock squad of kittens

Игры Ударный отряд котят картинка

                                   Young adventure lovers will love the many trips in the company of mewing knights. Games shock squad kittens - this is one of the most popular series about turn-based battles. There is an opportunity here not only to help the brave purrs restore justice, but also to be smart and demonstrate dexterity in the fight against cunning and treacherous foxes. The heroes have a lot of obstacles on their way, but there are also enough ways to overcome them and get out of the battle with the winners.

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Почему котята рвутся в бой

In the world of baleen, tailed and striped full of surprises. No one canceled the magic in feline territory either. And that means that there was a place for a fairy tale in the style of living-there. The shock of kittens included the best of the best, worthy of the worthy. And the king of the cat kingdom himself chose them and approached the choice with all responsibility. At stake is the salvation of her daughter, a charming princess cat. About how and under what circumstances she fell into the clutches of cunning foxes, the information is contradictory, but there is no doubt that she needs to save the baby and as soon as possible. So four inseparable friends rush from one walker to another in search of a charming meowing princess.

And the costumes are magical

During the passage of the games about the shock detachment of kittens, the characteristics of the characters will take all the time improve. You can do this through the use of numerous trophies taken from the enemy, or you can at the cost of your own efforts. The fact is that it is not necessary for kittens to collect all trophies along the way, but the more of them, the more interesting it will be to play.

Игры ударный отряд котят

You can reincarnate during the game as you please, but first you have to puff, sweat and win the fight. Along the way of kittens, foxes armed to the teeth are very common. It is not always wise to engage in battle with each of them, because significant losses can be incurred. But if you are lucky, you can get some great protective suits and trophy weapons.

Collect a fish - pump yourself up

Moving from level to level, representatives of feline special forces are becoming stronger. The secret is simple: the fish collected along the route is not only delicious food, but also a pass to the gym, where each of the kittens swings its characteristics, increasing speed, endurance or strength, and sometimes, if the catch was decent, then all the indicators are together. || 531

Играть в ударный отряд котят онлайн

Запомните, что когда вы будете играть в ударный отряд котят, ваши герои должен очень хорошо питаться, то есть рыбку по пути следования собирать и бутылочки с молоком стараться не пропускать. Уставший представитель ударного отряда может попросту лечь и уснуть, а это равносильно смерти. Игру в таком случае придется начать заново.

The secrets of the success of the shock detachment of kittens

The success of each individual attack of the mewing shock detachment depends on the chosen tactics. The first two kittens are more likely to engage in close combat, and those that follow are skillful shooters and can hit the enemy at a distance. In games, there is also the opportunity to study the map in advance and learn something about the characteristics of the enemy. A virtual tooltip makes it possible to choose appropriate suits and weapons for our brave men.