Games Kill the King

Игры Убить короля картинка

                                   Elegant royal life attracts anyone - palaces, castles, decorations. Sit down on your throne, command the servants, and a little bit wrong - head off the shoulders of the guilty. True, in order to become king you have to sweat. Games to kill the king is a serious test of strength. You need to be agile, courageous and skillful, and most importantly, always go unnoticed by royal subjects.

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Убить короля — задачка не из легких

One of the most popular games in the genre to kill the king gives you the opportunity to be a cold-blooded killer. You follow the king on the heels, trying to be inconspicuous and quietly kill him. If the monarch notices you have a murder weapon, he will immediately summon his formidable guards and the game will end. Your character and method of killing are always different - it can be a huge mace or a glass of wine with poison. In the upper area there is a panel with time, it shows how close you are to detection.

Игры убить короля

Another popular game to kill the king is an arcade game in which you are a level killer with a knife. The royal lady at that time was peacefully snoozing in her bed, and at any cost you had to stab him with a knife. With each next level it will become more difficult, various obstacles will begin to appear on your way - a fireplace, laser beams, guns and spikes.

Kings can all

You will have to play the kill the king online using the keyboard. Management, as in many games of this genre, is carried out either by arrows, or by keys W, S, A and D. Sometimes for performance of action it will be necessary to use Space key (space). At the beginning of each game they will tell you how to control your hero and what exactly you will need to do to achieve the goal.

Пройти мимо лазера в игре убить короля

Now you understand that being a monarch is not so simple. Forever someone is trying to kill you and take your place on the throne. It’s better to think a thousand times when once again you want a sweet royal life.