Games Trollface quest

Игры Троллфейс квест картинка

                                   An interesting offer for gamers are the Trollface Quest games. All parts of these arcades stand out against the general background with their originality and unusual plot. The main characters in them are humanized trolls who are naughty, dirty and try to turn everything upside down. The tasks for the players here are very different. Sometimes you have to eradicate evil, and sometimes you pull a troll mask on yourself.

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Лицо тролля — какое оно

A mask with a sarcastic smile fixed on his face, or rather, even a smirk, is what the trollface represents. Still look for such a face. The character on his forehead says that he is ready to do dirty tricks at every turn, while not only small, but also large-scale, shocking inexperienced inhabitants. In trollface games, the protagonists all have exactly the same, far from charming, physiognomy.

Игры Троллфейс

Their humor is most often evil, their intentions are vile, and their concepts of decency are somewhat perverted. And yet these characters attract attention. They want to follow them, they want to resist, their actions and actions cannot be left indifferent.

Smirks are pertinent everywhere

Whatever it was, namely, thanks to a crooked grimace, the trollface game The quest has become so popular. There are fascinating mahjongs among them, on which you have to look for the same smirks, there are many suggestions for creating comics here. Quests and brollers, platformers and simulators, even games in a series of three in a row.

By the way, despite the fact that you can’t call the troll’s face good, games whose main character is the trollface are not evil at all, they’re just for an amateur. Sometimes the main character becomes truly sorry, because his dirty tricks are far from always successful.

On whose side we will play

Games, the main character in which is the trollface, a lot. In some you will have to confront the pranks of the protagonist and try to neutralize him, in others, on the contrary, take the side of the evil organizer of the rallies. Be that as it may, try not to be surprised at anything. Even wanting to help, the eternally grinning trollface harms as a result.

The girl wanted to give a ball - she accidentally flew into the sky on it; decided to get a cat from a tree - incidentally, an innocuous old woman knocked down the same tree; I decided to feed the guests with a delicious salad - I used the snot as a gas station. There is only one conclusion: with the trollface, you should always keep your eyes open, otherwise you can’t avoid troubles.

Oh, and it’s hard work - to figure out what someone is thinking

The trollface is saturated with sarcasm from head to toe. That is why all sorts of puzzles, puzzles and puzzles, the solution of which you have to deal with in games all the time, can hardly be solved by everyone. The cunning grinning type is simply confident in his superiority, while he demonstrates this in many ways. One would like to take and mock this mocking mug by the belt, if only to get rid of his arrogance, and at the same time restore justice.

Игры Троллфейс

Be prepared for the fact that you will have to make the most unexpected decisions in games. With the help of water from the toilet, one can save someone's life here, and after eating something delicious that causes bloating, accidentally fly to space. Examples can be given endlessly, but is it worth it, this is a question. It’s much more interesting to try to play trollface games and make sure they are original on your own.

To whom such quest games are suitable

Every single game with the direct participation of the trollface is a priori fun. That's just a sense of humor, it is desirable to have a developed one, because sometimes the jokes of this character are far from harmless, and the goal of it basically comes down to precisely getting the opponent off the pace. By the way, in some games this face can easily be used as a whipping boy and thus get the opportunity to discharge. You need to look at everything that happens with humor and react appropriately.

There are games in which the trollface simply cannot survive without your help, the poor fellow sometimes becomes sincerely sorry. They strive to catch him and beat him, put him in jail, hang him upside down or just shoot him, all this only because he did not come out with a mug. Which of the proposals you like, for now, remains a mystery, but there is no doubt that you will like it.