Three Cats Games

Игры Три Кота картинка

Who does not like the sweet purring creatures that appear in the morning and try to wake a sleepy host? Loved by almost everyone. Of course, there are dog lovers, but this section is for kotomanov. Three cat games are intended for true fans of cats and kitties of all stripes and breeds. They were created according to the animated series Three Cats, popular worldwide and produced in Russia. Arcades are perfect for kids, preschool children and primary school children.

In these games you will find smart and smart kittens: Caramel, Korzhika and Kompotika. 3 red fidgets do not sit still and constantly do something. They, together with the player, go to the dentist and treat their teeth, go for a walk in the park or on a picnic in the forest. You can play arcade games about three cats with your child, or by leaving the baby alone with the cartoon characters. All games are safe and designed for children from 3 years old.

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