Total Spice Games

Игры Тотали Спайс картинка

                                   The French youth animated series Totali Spice, whose heroines are three inseparable friends from Beverly Hills, who manage to combine school, shopping, and such an unusual activity for girls, like espionage, are very popular. About 150 episodes that exist today look at one go. That's why this anime fell in love with girls and boys around the world. Watching modern Amazons is always interesting. The intrigue in each of the series is different, but it is impossible to predict the course of events. Total Spice games are no less exciting than the series itself.

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Шпионские страсти

Those who believe that the lot of girls is to go shopping and scream heart-rendingly at the sight of a small mouse are deeply mistaken. There was such an opportunity, the heroines of the series Totali Spice even the famous Mata Hari could give a head start. Bold and resourceful, they easily emerge victorious from the most difficult and complicated situations. Both the games of Total Spice and the cartoon tell about incredible girls who do male work.

Brief acquaintance with spies and their environment

  • Sam (aka Samantha) is a green-eyed beauty with a shock of long red hair. The most responsible and organized of all team members. Her inquiring mind must be given credit. Like all girls at her age, she has a rival, a peer from Mandy's entourage named Dominic. Not indifferent to green, therefore, it is quite natural that her suit of a super agent has exactly green color. Prefers chatting with smart guys. At the end of school, she began studying at the University of Malibu with her friends. Studying as a journalist.
  • Clover (aka Cloverina) is a blue-eyed blonde with an impeccable sense of taste. She is one of the main heroines of Totali Spice. Incredibly amorous, while being able to attract the attention of the opposite sex. When choosing another object of adoration, he prefers handsome guys. It is scrupulous in the choice of clothes. He wears a spy red suit. After leaving school, instead of following in the footsteps of her mother and becoming a plastic surgeon, she began to study as a designer. Visiting shops, spas and shopping malls in the company of friends gives her a real pleasure. Does not digest Mandy.
  • Alex (aka Alexandra) is a brown-eyed, short-haired brunette. Vegetarian. Optimistic and cheerful. He likes active sports. Among her hobbies are karate and taekwondo. Super agent costume - yellow. He enjoys spending time in gyms, believing that it is here that you can meet a noteworthy young man. Caitlin, Mandy's girlfriend, doesn't like it. Despite being allergic to cats, he loves animals very much, which guided him in choosing a future profession.
  • Jerry (aka Gerald Lewis) is a middle-aged gentleman. Single. Last most common goodie Totali Spice. Hereditary maternal spy. Solid, serious. Organizer of the World Organization for the Protection of Humanity. The direct head of the girls. He is engaged in the development of all kinds of gadgets to facilitate spies, however, during the work of experimental samples, sometimes failures occur. Coordinates the movement of girls, provides them with information, and in special cases even takes part in operations independently. To the mother is ambiguous. He devotes a lot of time to work.
  • Mandy is a long-haired brunette with purple eyes and a nasty character. She dresses stylishly and tastefully. Considers himself a popular special. Arrogant, ambitious. He likes to manipulate people. Friends with Dominic and Caitlin. Those around her do not like much. Compared with the villains that Totali Spice has to deal with during the rescue operations, it’s completely harmless, but slightly annoying. The setting is sometimes astounding. He can allow himself to call the girls while attending classes, pull them out in the middle of the party, or even interrupt their shopping trip or visit the spa. These are the sacrifices the Total Spice girls have to make in exchange for the opportunity to save humanity. It’s good that GLEDIS (a super powerful computer with artificial intelligence) cares about the safety of girls, softening them from time to time, the conditions for completing tasks, and sometimes completely canceling them. Sometimes this strange system may decide that it is time for spies to take a break and organize a trick show or something similar, which is not always convenient provided that you are on a super mission and save humanity.

Суперагентами быть нелегко

Та бесцеремонность с которой Джерри выдергивает девушек из привычной обстановки иногда поражает. Он может позволить себе вызвать девочек во время посещения занятий, выдернуть их посреди вечеринки или даже прервать их поход по магазинам или посещение спа-салона. Вот на какие жертвы приходится идти девушкам из Тотали Спайс в обмен на возможность спасать человечество. Хорошо еще, что ГЛЭДИС (супер мощный компьютер, обладающий искусственным интеллектом) заботится о безопасности девушек, смягчая им время от времени условия выполнения заданий, а иногда и вовсе отменяя их. Иногда эта странная система может решить, что шпионкам самое время передохнуть и организовывает показ фокусов или нечто подобное, что не всегда удобно при условии, что находишься на супер задании и спасаешь человечество.

Игры Тотали Спайс

The conditions for moving absolute spies are just barbaric . The girls begin to be dragged into the teleport funnels that arise in the most inappropriate places, and are pushed out in Jerry’s office in the literal sense of the word. Needless to say that caring for their appearance at such moments does not bother anyone.

Игры Тотали Спайс

As a moral compensation for the inconvenience, young spies: both in the cartoon and in the games of Total Spice, get the opportunity to use various gadgets developed with the latest technology during the execution of special tasks. Infrared contact lenses, a mirror that can visualize the boss, a saw-watch, a freezing gel, diamond earrings with which you can cut something, false nails, a hairdryer and many more glamorous things that help in the fight against criminal elements around the world. Work on the project is not finished yet, so there are still many new adventures ahead of you.