Games Tom and Jerry

Игры Том и Джерри картинка

                                   More than one generation has been following the adventures of a little stupid cat and a cunning mouse. For the first time, these heroes appeared in 1940 and looked somewhat different than those characters that everyone knows in the modern world. Your moms and dads, or maybe you yourself just spent time watching this animated series as a child, and now you can remember the past and turn on the games of Tom and Jerry and ponostalgic, because it is absolutely free. All games are suitable for both girls and boys!

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Том и Джерри — герои детства

In childhood, there was a lot of debate about which side to be on. Many liked the clever Jerry, because he could circle a cat around his finger several times in a series. It was a pity and embarrassment for others for Tom’s absurd attempts to catch a mouse and therefore they were rooting for him. There are other characters in the animated series: the formidable bulldog Spike with his baby or the stern mistress Thomas.

Игры Том и Джерри

Games Tom and Jerry come in many different genres. Here are some examples of arcades with your favorite characters:

  • races (choose your favorite character and cars, overtake your opponent at all costs);
  • coloring (add color to the cat and mouse, you can to make and make them, for example, purple);
  • runners (a smart little mouse cannot live without cheese, rather run and collect all the heads that meet along the way);
  • bombers (Thomas and Jerry plant bombs and try to defeat each other);
  • simulators (Jerry opened his own cafe and he needs your help in servicing visitors).

Ch upy cat and treacherous little mouse

To play Tom and Jerry games online, prepare a mouse and keyboard: in some games, only one device is enough, and in others you have to combine.

Поймай еду в игре Том и Джерри

Fun and funny characters are always ready to give you a few minutes, or even hours, of a good mood during an online game. These characters never lose heart, although it would seem that the cat has been trying to catch this restless mouse in his house for more than 50 years and fails every time. Perhaps he needs your help in this difficult matter.