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                                   Probably, many of the boys at least once thought about tanks. These formidable vehicles are capable of developing tremendous speeds, passing through fire and water, and most importantly, thanks to their armor, can withstand fire from assault guns, machine guns and even siege grenade launchers. And the firepower of armored vehicles allows you to destroy buildings and of course the military equipment of the enemy. But, we hope that none of our readers will have to do this in real life, because there are games about tanks in which you can control them both in the first person and entire platoons consisting of 10 combat units. Take part in hard battles and win them despite the difficulties!

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Что мы знаем о танках

We have collected for you the best online games with tanks, which you can play literally a few seconds after loading the page. The tank is one of the most popular units in computer games. Moreover, it is found not only in military strategies of the action genre, but also in arcades, simulators and even races. The developers squeezed out absolutely everything from the unit, there are arcades where tanks need to overcome various obstacles, jump on jumps and even swim. Moreover, you will be able to fight as one combat unit, controlling in the first person an armored vehicle or machine gunner sitting on the roof itself and destroying enemies, and for a whole platoon, controlling in the third person.

Игра про танки

Screenshot from World of Tanks, the company WARGAMING.

Of course, playing online tanks, drawing textures, and not gameplay cannot compare with computer clients, but you will have several advantages - availability in anywhere in the world and on any computer that supports an Internet connection, as well as the ability to fight on very weak hardware, which simply does not pull modern shooters and shooters.

About the appearance of tanks in games

Одной из первых игр, в которой появились всеми любимые бронированные машины, была аркада под названием танчики. Работала она на денди, а также подобных приставках и представляла из себя 2д поле, на котором был нарисован лабиринт и помещенные туда персонажи. Целью аркады была защита своей базы, при этом, выполнять ее нужно было, не попадая под огонь противника. В дальнейшем танки появились в шутерах от первого лица, где помимо обычных сражений, геймеры могли управлять различными видами военной техники.

Игра танки онлайн

Screenshot from WARGAMING's World of Tanks.

After the shooters, they appeared strategies, including among Russian-speaking developers. It is noteworthy that tanks in online games are called characters, with well-pumped defense skills and able to withstand numerous attacks by monsters and real rivals. Tank games for boys are a sea of ​​drive and adrenaline gained from driving a huge armored car! Let's recall the most famous and popular games where this unit is present except, of course, strategies.

GTA Series

GTA - These three letters are known to every boy and representative of the younger generation, many of whom are representatives not yet 30 years old. After all, GTA is the most famous real-world simulator that allows you to ride in cars, boats and aircraft, buy houses and fight with the police. For the first time, the tank appeared in the fourth part of the series, under the name Grand Theft Auto Vice City, where it was called up using an easy-to-remember code that still remained in the memory of many boys - the “panzer”, or sometimes came up with the maximum crime indicator. In the future, this unit could be found in almost any part of the series, but without a code it was quite difficult to do.

Call of Duty

In this series you can play tanks fighting during the Second World War, and there are several types of them - these are the famous T-34, Tiger, Panther, and the less well-known Panzer, Kruseyder and others. Management will not be very convoluted, but a little more realistic than in GTA.


Another famous military series, but there is a very realistic and interesting online mode. If you want to play tanks, then here, it will be very easy to do. And besides them, many other military equipment will be available for control. Management, in itself, is very similar to Call of Duty, however, in the latest version of Battlefield 3, both the graphics and gameplay will significantly exceed the previous one.

World of Tanks

Tank games gained such popularity thanks to World of Tank. This is due to the fact that thanks to a large-scale advertising company, many people from all over the world play it every day. As the name implies, here you will control combat vehicles that you can buy, improve and on which you can fight with other real rivals. In general, if you plunge into it for one evening, you risk forgetting about the real world for at least a few months.