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Игры Тачки картинка

                                   Welcome to the world of wheelbarrows! There are no people here, and cars capable of talking with each other live their own lives! And what do you think is the most interesting hobby of these cars? Of course the race! Almost any car owner buys it in order to quickly ride on an empty track or even go to competitions! So cars are also very interested in competing with each other, so the most ambitious and exciting distinction in this unusual world is racing! After watching two episodes of a wonderful children's cartoon, you can try out the Cars online games for yourself, which you can play for free on our cool portal, enjoy!

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Как появились Тачки

Probably every child knows that the first cartoon about his favorite characters was released in 2006, by the famous film company PIXAR, known for most of the famous cartoons. A huge amount of money was allocated for the production of the first part of Wheelbarrows - 120,000,000 dollars, but the risk was justified and in the first week of rental the cartoon raised more than 60 million dollars, and ultimately, its revenue amounted to almost half a billion. Cars, by the amount of funds raised, became the third film in 2006.

The story of the appearance of the cartoon is also interesting. Few people know that the prototype of wheelbarrows is a script called Yellow Car, created back in 1998. Moreover, the matter was not limited to one scenario, but a lot of blanks and drawings were released. However, after the tremendous success of the Toy Story animated film, it was decided to line up the sequel and freeze other projects. Only in 2001 did the idea to resume work on the project come up. The script has been seriously redesigned and rewritten to fit modern realities. The name has also changed. The Yellow Car became known as Highway 66, but so that the audience would not get confused with the series shown 40 years ago, the name was changed again.

The image of the heroes and the atmosphere of a fictional world

It was changed and appearance of wheelbarrows. Previously, the animators from the PIXAR studio already had the experience of reviving cars for a variety of cartoons, but in all of them, the eyes were not located on the windshield, but instead of headlights. But as the animators thought, it was impossible to fully reveal the character traits of the hero with such small and inconspicuous eyes. After all, the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and even more so with cars. So the concept of the heroes was redesigned, and the eyes, which were supposed to be in place of the headlights, were transferred to the windshield.

Thanks to the mouth located on the site of the bumper, the cartoon characters were also able not only to speak, but also to express a variety of emotions. The wheels, which were used by some heroes as arms, became another organ, and special machines, with the help of a hook and a winch, could pull their comrades out of the ravines or tow them along the highway. If you play cars online, on our website, you can try not only to drive a racing car for free, but also try to get your friends out of the hole using a hook and a winch.

Игры Тачки

Because of such changes, they became even more like people. Moreover, it is believed that most Wheelbarrows have a person from whom their image was copied. For example, the inhabitants of the town of Radiator Springs, where Lightning Makvin falls, were copied from the locals living on the highway along which our protagonist rode.

But work was carried out not only on the appearance of the characters, but also on the scenery. In order to accurately convey the landscapes, animators and other members of the crew, they even went to Route 66, where the action of the Cars was to take place. They took pictures of mountains, talked with local residents, visited small towns, hotels, cafes and other infrastructure. The authors were very attentive to the condition of the cars in these towns, to their appearance and to other small details. A careful study of all the details helped to create a stunningly reliable picture of everything that happens in small towns that are far from modern infrastructure and large highways.

Игра Тачки

These towns seem to have remained somewhere in the past and life in them proceeds at a very slow and measured pace. In the second part of the cartoon, more time was devoted to racing and other dynamic scenes, and the characters themselves moved to huge cities, so that the thoroughness of drawing became less, but then you can watch the famous sights converted to the world of Wheelbarrows! And the Cars 2 race games have even worse rendering, though this applies only to online versions, while computer games have a good rendering of landscape objects, which is practically no worse than what we see in the cartoon.

History the first part of Wheelbarrows

The first frames of the cartoon begin from the moment of the Wheelbarrow race, where Lightning Makvin defeats all his rivals and becomes the unconditional leader. After which, he goes on a trip to the next race track, along with his friend - a huge van with the latest technology. But due to an absurd accident, Lightning Makvin leaves the main highway 66 and calls on the almost abandoned and unused highway 40. His adventures begin on it. Without calculating the speed, our car gets into the old town and gets entangled in some kind of rope, spoiling the entire track and breaking part of the chassis, preventing it from moving at high speed.

The inhabitants of this city were hostile towards Makvin for the first time, but when they recognize him better, they change their attitude to a more kind and even friendly one. Here Makvin makes many friends and even his best friend - the old, rusty truck Mater. Here our hero meets his first love. Well, then they discover the lost Makvin and many strangers come to the city, and events begin to unfold very rapidly. According to the first cartoon, the Wheelbarrow game was released, which is true, it will not work for free, since it costs money and you can buy it only in the store.

The history of the second part

The second part was more confusing and not as easy to read as the first. This was due to the fact that the cartoon decided to add more action, making it even more dynamic. It was necessary to win love from an older age audience, but at the same time not to lose the love of the younger. For this, free online games of Cars 2 were released, which served as additional advertising for the new picture. But the games helped to attract only a children's audience, while most critics called Cars 2 very mediocre cartoons, which lack human warmth and charm.

Many felt that the second part of the cartoon is a purely commercial move. A unique feature of the cartoon is that Lightning Makvin, along with his best friend Metr, travels around the world! In the second part, they will visit Paris, London and even Japan! Well, on our site you can play Cars 2 online and participate in races and other competitions with them!