Sushi Cat Games

Игры Суши Кот картинка

Is it possible not to love sushi and rolls? Of course, easily. Some simply do not tolerate fish and its smell; others hate rice in all its manifestations. But the fluffy ruler of the world likes this combination. Sushi Cat Games is just about such a lover of Japanese food. At the beginning of the game, a fat little cat falls in love with a charming kitty, passing by her window. It turns out that getting to her is not so easy. The elevator lifts up people weighing from how many kilograms, and where to the cat to such parameters! I have to gobble up a Japanese dish.

The main character is this same cat, you have to play for it. Finally, he will be able to meet a cat and win her heart. Devour sushi in gigantic quantities, and you will certainly be able to reunite a sweet couple of pets. An amazing country in Japan, it contains an infinite number of ideas for interesting games!

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