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Игры Снайпер картинка

                                   Many children often dream of battles and wars, imagining themselves to be great heroes or commanders, it’s bad or good hard to say, but the cinema and game industry adapt to the needs of users and offer a huge amount of content, including for children. Sniper games are typical representatives of this kind of product and are great for boys. True, even adults like to play sniper games, during the same work in the office or at home. One way or another, we have found for you the most interesting representatives of this genre and gathered in this category.

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Снайперы в компьютерных играх

With the development of the shooter genre, or in our shooters, the appearance of sniper rifles in games was obvious. One of the most popular online games in which you can try yourself as a sniper are Counter-Strike, Warface, Point Blank, Cross Fire, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, Stalker and others. Where did the sniper class originate?

Игры снайпер

Screenshot from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment.

Perhaps it was in Counter-Strike that the appearance of characters wearing a huge rifle first appeared with an optical sight. The main disadvantage of these characters was the high vulnerability in close combat, when fighting 1 on 1 at a distance of less than 50 meters, this class of soldiers very rarely came out victorious. Shooting with an optical rifle at a distance of up to 50 meters is impossible, and most often there was very little sense from pistols. Although, if after buying an expensive rifle you still have $ 800 left, you could buy Desert Eagle - the most powerful pistol that can break through walls and destroy enemies with one precise hit.

Снайпер в игре стрелялке Контр Страйк

Screenshot from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment.

With skillful use with the Desert Eagle, you can destroy several enemies armed with machine guns and semiautomatic devices, but due to the small number of rounds you will still not be in the most advantageous position. Well, the main advantage of playing a sniper was a cool optical sight that allows you to destroy all enemies from a great distance, and more often than not they did not notice where they were killed from. Yes, and even if the enemy noticed you, the chances of getting into you were extremely small.


However, the gameplay in such games does not really repeat all the difficulties of aiming, given the wind speed, distance and many other factors necessary for an accurate hit on the target, but simply represents the target that you need to hit. True, in specialized games similar to Sniper Elite, there is still a certain system close to the real conditions, but there are only a few such games.

As for the online sniper games presented on our website, there are several varieties. | || 805

  • Вам будет нужно обезвредить «террористическую группировку», при этом не ранив «гражданских».
  • You need to find the enemies hidden on the map and destroy them.
  • You need to determine who of the characters is a terrorist and destroy it.
  • The task is to quietly destroy in rags, so that your location could not be detected.

However, the gameplay in all forms is very similar: after the boot menu you find yourself on a map, which is a 2d field with camera views from the side. Most of the map is closed in dark color, leaving you with only a small round window with a vertical and horizontal strip, which are a sight. You can move this window with the mouse, and the shot is carried out by its left button. The better your attention and the faster your reaction, the less time you will spend on completing a level. Do not forget that time is limited and if you do not have time to find all the targets, defeat occurs.

Influence on children

As a rule, in most games with a sniper rifle there are cartoon characters, practically not reminiscent of people, and sometimes even being monsters, we also try to choose the least violent games, more with a humorous bias. Also, one can not ignore the fact that due to the characteristics of the gameplay in children, the reaction develops well and due to rather difficult levels they have to think about their passage.