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Игры Контр Страйк картинка

                                   Probably, there will not be a single person who is well acquainted with computer entertainment and who has never played Counter Strike, or, as many call it, “counter”. Already the older generation, speaking of contra, will remember computer clubs and the time spent in them during battles with friends. You can’t forget the cherished “you have 5 minutes left!”. For the younger generation, which didn’t get into computer clubs, Counter Strike is still the game that spent most of its childhood playing. And here is the game Counter Strike which can be played for free. Of course, this will not be the original, but only a flash arcade.

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Как все начиналось

Initially, the game Counter Strike was created as an addition to the equally well-known at that time Half-Life, while both the majority of the graphics and the Half-Life engine itself were significantly redesigned by two developers - Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. The first beta version of Counter-Strike 1.0 appeared at the very end of 1999, and due to its free and the ability to play online, it crashed very quickly on the Internet. Soon, the company Valve, who created the original Half-Life, noticed the success of one of the mods and completely acquired the rights to it, taking Minh Le and Jess Cliffe to their work. About a year later, when the beta version of the mod was fully tested and revised, Valve released Counter Strike 1.0 as a separate, own, game.

Игры Контр Страйк

Screenshot from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. | || 824

В последствие CS 1.0 сильно дорабатывалась, появлялись новые карты, в том числе, сделанные не только разработчиками, но и самими игроками. Уже через 2 года в игру ежедневно играли несколько сотен тысяч человек, было создано более 10.000 пользовательских карт, правда самыми популярными все же оставались официальные карты, на которых и играла большая часть пользователей. Также к этому времени для игры Контра онлайн (как ее называли подростки) появилось множество своих модов, опять же, созданных энтузиастами. Самыми популярными из них считаются — Zombie Plague, Deathmatch, Soccer Jam и другие.

With the development and increasing popularity of the game, cheaters appeared. Initially, the players used the game’s bugs to gain an advantage over the opponent, but soon, when the bugs started to close quickly, special programs appeared that allowed you to look through the walls, find out where the enemy is, fly in the air, accelerate to the maximum speed, automatically kill opponents and many others.

Due to a serious threat looming over the game, Value installed a program on version 1.4 in 2002 that allows it to detect and permanently block cheaters, and since CS worked exclusively through the system Steam to him, there were no problems with this. However, as you know, scrap can be found on any fence, and soon new cheaters, although not on such a scale, began to appear again on game servers. As a result, the anti-cheat program was constantly being finalized and developed, however, it still failed to completely destroy cheating.

Appearance of the game Counter Strike 1.6

A major step in the development of the series was the upgrade to the most popular version - CS 1.6 released at the end of 2002. In the game, the graphics were slightly modified, the physics was changed, new levels and characters appeared. Despite the fact that the online game Counter Strike 1.6, is already very old today, tens of thousands of teenagers around the world still play it, not wanting to switch to newer versions, justifying this with a change in the engine and a complete change in physics. Later, other versions came out under the names of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Deleted Scenes, which had story tasks, similar to other popular shooters, however, they were poorly received by gamers and soon forgotten.

Игры Контр Страйк

Screenshot from Counter -Strike: Global Offensive, Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment.

The next stage in the development of the series was the release of a new version of the most popular shooter - Counter-Strike: Source, built on a completely new Source engine and received a number of very serious improvements. The main ones are completely redesigned physics, a serious improvement in graphics and textures, the possibility of interacting with objects, including their complete destruction, a modified weapon system and many others. Due to major changes, and in particular the complete change in physics associated with the transition to a new engine, the fans of Counter Strike were divided into two camps: those who immediately switched to the new version and praised it in every way and those who remained on the previous CS 1.6 and considered Source a rather mediocre product.

In 2010, a major update was released for CS Source, which included the transition to a new version of the engine with slightly changed physics, the appearance of achievements, a change in the display of character’s death and other minor improvements

More recently, on August 21, 2012, a completely new version of the game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released, which received much more realistic graphics, new items of equipment and a strong change in the balance of the game. At the moment, most gamers who prefer CS 1.6 have switched to CS GO. And in this section you can play Counter Strike 1.6 online, as well as other less interesting counterparts. For full and interesting battles, a well-known plug-in - Unity 3D should be installed on your computer. Notes: Some of the pictures on this page were taken from Valve and Hidden Ptah Entertainment - Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source.