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Игры Стрелялки картинка

                                   Probably it will not be a secret for anyone that the most popular genre of computer games are shooting games. If in ancient times, when computers were huge, occupying several rooms, calculators, many children loved to play Cossacks of robbers and pirates, running around the streets and shooting with plastic pistols, now, with the advent of computers in every house, the hobbies of the boys have changed a little and moved from the real to the virtual world of online shooters. Now, thanks to modern technology, your child can easily find free and completely legal games!

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Игра Металлический парень Metal guy
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Игра Прятки онлайн Hide and seek online
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Игра Команда с оружием Weapon team
4.1 || | 398
Игра Супер Хот Super Hot
4.2 || | 542
Игра Doom 3 онлайн Doom 3
Игра Мультяшный Battlefield Cartoon Battlefield
4.4 || | 843
Игра Военные агенты Military agents
4.4 || | 1063
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История жанра

It is believed that the very first shooting games were released in 1991 by id Software - Hovertank 3D and Catacomb 3-D, but due to the meager marketing company, the developers failed to attract public attention and achieve wide distribution of their products.

Игра стрелялка с оружием

Screenshot from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve.

But already in In 1992, realizing its mistake, id Software developers released Wolfenstein 3D, unlike previous games, which had a demo version consisting of 10 levels and distributed completely free of charge. Thanks to this marketing move, Wolfenstein 3D was installed a few months later on most computers running DOS, and after adaptation, on Apple II computers.

Since the demo version of Wolfenstein 3D took place in just one day, Softdisk was able to earn a lot of money by selling the full version, which already consists of 60 levels. Due to its popularity, the game was ported to almost all consoles of that time, including Game Boy and Playstation, and in recent years it has appeared on mobile devices, so now anyone can download it from the application store. It was Wolfenstein 3D that laid the foundation for all computer shooters, and was also included in the list of the best games in the world.

The first success of shooters

The familiar step in the evolution of the shooter genre was the familiar Doom game, developed by the same as the previous ones by id Software. The first Doom was published in 1994 and immediately gained popularity among fans of this genre. Compared to the previous game, the Doom graphics were seriously redesigned: more realistic textures appeared, and the number of weapons offered was increased several times.

Subsequently, due to open source code and the ability for third-party developers to modify the Doom mechanics, such "chips" familiar to today's games, such as the ability to bounce, squat and control the camera not only in the horizontal plane, but also in the vertical.

Картинка из Doom

Screenshot from Doom, id Software.

The next stage of development shot ok, the well-known game called Quake has become a lot of features, featuring completely redesigned graphics, more like modern computer games and getting a lot of "goodies" invented by third-party developers in add-ons for Doom.

Quake sequels were released in the future received even greater improvements in the schedule and new levels. The next stage in the evolution of the genre is considered to be Half-Life, released by the newly-minted company Valve and showing a unique graphic component at that time, a huge selection of weapons of the future, and most importantly, a well-thought-out plot like no other game of that time could boast of. Half-Life is considered to be the founder of the genre of modern shooters, combining the ability to enjoy shooting from weapons and an exciting storyline.

2000 years and beyond

Subsequently, the genre has developed greatly, the graphics have improved, an opportunity to interact not only with monsters and bonuses; but also with furnishings - to destroy walls, break glass, blow up televisions. At the end of 2000, the cult game was released, the game Counter-Strike 1.0 was supposed to be an add-on for Half-Life 2, and in 2003 the version of Counter-Strike 1.6 was announced, and millions of people still play it.

Игры стрелялки

Screenshot from Counter-Strike: Source, Valve and Turtle Rock.

One cannot fail to note the impact of such revolutionary projects as “Grand Theft Auto” on the shooting industry that created a very realistic world that lives its own life and “Crysis” impressed all fans of the genre with its stunning graphics (based on the Far Cry graphics that surprised at the time of its release) and the elaboration of the Cryengine 3 engine.

What to shoot from and how to do it

С каждым годом игры совершенствуются и улучшаются, ведь если раньше вы могли всего лишь бегать и уничтожать врага в 2д плоскости, используя только клавиатуру, то сейчас, вы в полноценном и очень мало отличающимся от реальной жизни 3д, можете бегать по огромным территориям, прятаться за укрытиями, совершать огромные прыжки и перекаты и садиться в любую военную технику, начиная от машин и танков, заканчивая сверхзвуковыми самолетами и космическими кораблями.

Flash shooting games for boys is a huge entertainment industry that is becoming more and more like the real world. As an example, we can consider how the strip of lives has changed over the past 10 years. Now, you will not find a single 3D shooter where a similar system would be used. If earlier, literally in any game, the number of your lives was displayed on the screen, now, in case of damage, blood appears on it. Moreover, the stronger the damage, the worse the quality of the picture becomes, it starts to blur and turns dark in color imitating a state of fainting. And if you do not have time to hide from bullets, you will have to start the battle anew!

In addition to the indicator of lives and graphics, other components of the gameplay have seriously changed. For example, physics has changed a lot, becoming as close to reality as possible and various landscape details have been worked out - now the walls of houses fly apart from explosions, skyscrapers collapse, and huge funnels from heavy shells even form on the ground!

Impact on children

Many parents may have the idea that shooting can seriously harm the children's psyche, because often in games you have to kill characters of similar people. However, scientific studies conducted by scientists in many countries of the world have shown that killing in the game space does not contribute to increased aggression among children, but rather allows children to release their anger in a virtual universe, while in real life be more restrained and calm . But still, we advise parents to decide for themselves whether to allow their young children to participate in combat battles at the computer, or maybe it is better to go and take a walk with them on the playground?

In addition to scary scenes, playing a lot of shooting is not worth it because the child may develop a game addiction when he simply can not tear himself away from his computer. The first signs of this addiction is that the young gamer literally does not leave the computer. Coming from school, he immediately sits down at him and does not even come off for a meal, asking his parents to bring him food to the room. Due to the inability to break away from the game, the child's sleep spoils, he goes to bed already well after midnight, gets up early in the morning, and this in turn makes him irritable and very nervous. So if your child spends a lot of time in the online world, we advise you to think and try to at least take him out for a walk on the street.