Games tower defense

Игры защита башни картинка

                                   The Tower Defense online game is perhaps one of the most addictive and interesting flash arcade genres for both children and adults. Thanks to its level system, where each level will be even slightly, but more difficult than the previous ones, such games can drag you in for at least several hours. True, if the first levels are relatively easy and walkable without any tactics, then closer to the middle, you will have to turn on the brain and think about each subsequent move, so do not forget that this is still a strategy, not a shooter or an adventure game. With us, you can play tower defense online, for free and without registration.

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Узнай больше о жанре

All games of this genre are quite similar to each other and differ mainly in textures and sometimes types of weapons. But first, let's figure out what he is like. Calling tower defense games is not entirely correct, since this is not the correct translation that has taken root on the expanses of the Russian Internet. The correct name for the genre is tower defense, and as it becomes clear, here you will need to protect your base by exposing life-losing towers, slowing down, freezing and affecting opponents on the enemy’s road. Speaking more specifically about the gameplay of such games, then most often along the track, but sometimes along the entire map in packs there are mobs in several pieces, your goal is to arrange the turret towers in such a way as to destroy all the opponents before they have time to go all the way to the end of the track or the map.

The gameplay in tower defense games

Most often you lose when the first enemy reaches the end of the path, but there are varieties of games where the number of units that can reach the end is limited to 10 or even 15 units and only then comes a reflection. Or you may come across arcades where enemies steal crystals, which you must not allow to take away from the map, firing them from the towers. All enemies come out in waves, each of which breaks harder than the previous one, sometimes the waves can be controlled, but most often they follow each other, with a short time interval.

Игры защита башни

In some strategies you need to defend non-brickwork with eggs, not villages, not cities, not just checkpoints, but whole castles. As a rule, such arcades have much more thoughtful gameplay, a good balance of power between towers and enemies, and beautiful graphic design. Free online castle defense games are the most high-quality and interesting representatives of the "defense" genre. The castle that you will guard will have a life span that will decrease if your opponents get to its walls. However, after each level, and sometimes right during the battles, you will be able to restore the level of life of your castle.

Игры защита замка

Sometimes, super hits will be available for you after activating which, you can clear the entire map from the enemy, or cause serious damage to his army. But such strikes will require either money, or manna, or any other units, which will not be so easy to get. Here you can play for free castle defense online, but if you’re tired of sitting at the computer, we recommend downloading analogues or mobile versions of such arcades to your phone and fighting enemies already offline.

Varieties of security towers

  • Attackers - which, in turn, are usually divided into several types, the most common of which are - often shooting, but with weak shots and shooting with strong shots, but rarely enough. In more complex versions of the free online game Tower Defense, there are also turrets that hit with mass shells along a large trajectory, as well as turrets with different power shots. In paid versions, the variety of security structures is much greater.
  • Slowing down - after installing such towers, they start firing with slowing projectiles, which reduce the movement speed of mobs, allowing you to destroy the entire chain, on a smaller section of the road. Thanks to this type of security structures, playing tower defense games is becoming much more interesting, since a serious strategic component is already appearing here. For example, it is very useful to put slow-down security structures in front of a row of cannons, or on large ledges, as well as on bends, because the radius of their destruction will be much larger. depending on the imagination of the game developers - freezing, mass destruction, etc.
  • Бонусные — к этому подвиду относятся все остальные турели имеющие различные способности в зависимости от фантазии разработчиков игр — заморозка, массовое уничтожение и другие.

Each security turret has a range, and in some games all turrets can be improved and modernized by increasing their combat characteristics and attack range. It is in the correct tactical location of the towers, taking into account their characteristics, as well as the possibility of improvement, that is the whole complexity and at the same time the fascination of this genre of games. Also interesting will be the online base defense games, in which you can defend a military base, protecting it with all kinds of equipment, military cannons and trenches with soldiers. In some arcades, after the towers are installed, people will leave them and fight the enemy.