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                                   Strategies are considered one of the most popular genres of computer games, which is not surprising given the breathtaking atmosphere, the complete immersion in virtual reality and the ability to control entire units, and sometimes armies of heroes. For lovers of this genre of the genre, logical thinking and a high potential of mental abilities are characteristic, since at times, a battle with strong rivals can even surpass chess in complexity. On our website, you can find the best strategy games and play them online for free and without restrictions, for as long as you like. Moreover, this genre is perfect for both boys and fighting girls.

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Что такое стратегии и с чем их едят

As we already wrote, the key to victory in such games is not a quick reaction and masterful possession of the mouse and keyboard, but quick wit, the ability to quickly respond to changes situations, as well as full planning of what is happening and attempts to predict the actions of the opponent. Most often, the field of action in strategies is some kind of battles that take place on the earth, in water or even in space, and sometimes in all planes at once. You probably think that all games are strategies for boys? Of course not! For girls, too, many interesting projects have been created where they will need to build their city for the economy, raise rare animals in the zoo or even equip their own amusement park! But the main focus of this genre is certainly tactical battles.

Игра стратегия цивилизация 5

Screenshot from Sid Meier’s Civilization V, company Firaxis.

During battles, you will have the opportunity to control a large number of different units, each of which has both certain advantages and disadvantages. So during battles with an opponent, you will need to take into account all the shortcomings of the troops hired by him, the terrain of the map, the weather and many other conditions in order to win. In addition to miscalculating the situation, you need to know the basic tactics of warfare, and those that are appropriate for the game you are playing now.

After all, you will not have to rush into the battle headlong, but arrange ambushes, group your troops platoons, strength and combat units and be able to conduct a tactical retreat on time. Fortunately, all tactics are freely available on the Internet. And besides military operations, in almost any strategy there is an economic component. Either you will need to get resources for your base, supporting the economy and trying not to catch the eye of your opponent, or just hire units for the given amount of resources.

How did the strategies

All come about games of this genre are divided into several categories: turn-based and in real time. So let's look at the history of their appearance in turn, in chronological order, because due to the primitiveness of computer equipment, real-time strategies have appeared recently and have just begun to gain great popularity due to the ability to fight online with your friends on a local network or via the Internet.


Today, it is not known exactly who invented this genre, but the first game that became popular in the then little-spread computer world was Warlords, released in conc e 1989. In it, the main participants in the events were the heroes who controlled the army of units and moved around the map. The map itself was a weakly animated 2D field consisting of rivers, roads, a small number of landscape objects, and of course castles. Your goal was to capture all the locks on the map. The movement on the map was carried out in steps, first you go, then the opponent, by analogy with board chip games. It is believed that it was Warlords who became the founder of the genre. A little later, there were several more companies involved in this genre. It is noteworthy that the best strategy games were released by these companies and they remain very popular until today:

  • Civilization - where you have to manage an entire state, developing the economy, technological equipment, infrastructure and military equipment. Development in it begins in primitive times, and ends in the distant future, giving you the opportunity to visit several eras of the formation of our world at once.
  • Heroes of Might and Magic - the first part appeared in 1995, and immediately became very popular with fans of turn-based walkers. The main difference from most of them was the revolutionary battle system, the ability to use magic and the indescribable atmosphere of something mysterious.

In the future, dozens of turn-based games began to appear every year, about which, many more could be to tell. Only recently, the popularity of this genre has started to plummet, and the reason for this is the online battles on the Internet that have not stopped for a minute!

In real time

The first game in real time strategy appeared relatively recently . It is believed that she was a Dune II released in 1992 for computers running the MS-DOS operating system, and in 1993 ported for the Sega Mega Drive. In Dune II, you could build your base, build buildings and recruit troops in order to defeat the opponent’s base. And also, it contained an economic component that forces you to extract resources and constantly protect the miners, called harvesters.

Игры стратегии

Screenshot from StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Blizzard Entertainment.

Today, You can play strategy online while fighting with your friends. The most famous games to date are Warcraf 3, Starcraft 2, DOTA 2 and others. I would especially like to single out Starcraft 2, since this particular strategic game has become one of the most popular in the whole world! Three races fight each other trying to capture a small map. Mighty Terrans, insidious Protos and Zerg, well adapted to local conditions, are waiting for you to choose one of these races and fight it with both virtual and real players. The only drawback of Starcraft 2 is that it is paid, though you only have to pay once, and then you can play this strategy online, at any convenient time!