Horror Games

Игры Страшилки картинка

                                   Among a large number of proposals there are those that will test the player for hardness and stamina. Just these are the horror games. If you look, then not all of them are scary, these are computer monsters of all stripes. There are among them zombies and ghosts, spirits and werewolves, vampires, walking skeletons and other evil spirits. The most important thing is to understand well that they exist only on the other side of the screen, and then asking them a good bashing will not be difficult for anyone.

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Игра Слендерина должна умереть Slenderina must die
3.9 || | 383
Игра Слендермен побег из тюрьмы Slenderman jailbreak
4.3 || | 754
Игра Найти спасение Find salvation
4 || | 884
Игра Слендермен 2Д 2D Slenderman
3.7 | || 1083
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Страшилки не всегда наводят ужас

Horror games exist for both thrill-seekers and little gamers. There is nothing to be surprised at, because the charming Casper, for example, is also a ghost, but despite all this, he is a favorite of children. By the way, the same thing is with the monster corporation, many kids watch cartoons about adventures at Monster University, and their parents consider all visitors to this place rather sweet, rather than scary. After all, even little Hazel allows herself to have fun at a Halloween party.

There are many horror stories today. Among the proposals of a similar plan, coloring and puzzles, attention games and hidden objects. Many of the horror stories have well-developed storylines that play in them, as if they fall into a fictional scary world and there they already either chase ghosts and monsters of all stripes and colors, or, on the contrary, try to hide from their pursuits. In any of the options it will not be boring when playing horror stories.

Игры Страшилки

Very often, one or another favorite heroes fight against monsters. For example, the famous dog Scooby Doo has its own scum with evil spirits. Many people know the adventures of this legendary dog ​​on the screen, and although from time to time he is cowardly, his tail is never depressed before difficulties. So many people will help him with pleasure. In addition, many want to feel their importance in the fight against such an unusual enemy. Be sure that nothing bad will happen, but if monsters from horror stories can temporarily get the better of you, then you can always start again.

Horror games and who lives in them

There is one general rule in horror stories: you need to use various tricks in the fight against monsters and apply exactly what they are afraid of. For example, shooting at a dead man is not always appropriate, of course there is a lot of noise, but no use. An attempt to strangle a ghost or simply engage in hand-to-hand combat will also fail, because ghosts are incorporeal and this must be taken into account.

Mummies, zombies, vampires, werewolves - you can find a council for everyone and everyone. Vampires, for example, fear garlic or mistletoe, and a werewolf can be stopped with silver bullets. Not all evil spirits love daylight, this can also be used by playing horror stories. Light weapons will help to neutralize some monsters, while others will take flight. Do not be discouraged if you don’t know something, as a rule, games of this kind are full of tips that will undoubtedly help you choose the right type of weapon to fight evil spirits.

The most scary games online

Существуют сегодня и страшилки, больше напоминающие фильмы ужасов. Вот это уж точно игры на любителя. Как правило, в таких играх есть возрастное ограничение. Именно для тех, кому хочется получить эмоциональную встряску и приличную дозу адреналина такие страшилки и придумали. Действия подобных игр часто происходят где-нибудь на кладбищах, в дремучих лесах или заброшенных замках, кишащих приведениями.

Often horror games have a similar gameplay, in them you either have to run away from monsters or, on the contrary, clean them up them terrain. It will not be easy for players to meet dinosaurs, even herbivorous individuals are not so harmless if we take into account the fact that they are not light in weight and can develop decent speed. What can definitely be guaranteed is the absence of boredom during such games. Anything but that.

Игры Страшилки

Those who want to get more drive can be advised to purchase 3D glasses for the computer, but keep in mind this is not suitable for everyone, because in addition to the glasses themselves, you also need the appropriate hardware. Well, if everything has grown together, then you are welcome to virtual reality. This is where the sensations are stronger and the horror stories themselves are more severe. In any case, remember, it’s never too late to stop. And if you think that there are no chances to win, then you can restart the game and try to fight monsters again.
The main desire.

Needless to say, all scary games without exception are colorful. They have great graphics, and in some, with a particularly terrible plot, the fear is additionally triggered by the corresponding music. Physics and mechanics in these games, as a rule, are also on top. If a bat is flying into your face, then be sure that the feeling that it is about to cling to your hair or to your face is guaranteed. Why, there’s a bat, because the dead sometimes rise, and they try to stretch their hands to the player.

In general, horror games are not for the faint of heart, apart from, of course, those that were invented for kids . So you’ll get tired of escaping from monsters, you can relax and stay for a while with some kindly good-natured ghost, peek peacefully at the windows, smell the flowers, play the little balls. And then back into battle with monsters and monsters.