Stickman Games

Игры Стикмен картинка

                                   Graphically drawn little men, consisting of sticks, are the heroes of incredible adventures. Stickman games will help you make sure of this. The characters are drawn schematically, but the plot of each of the games is exciting and interesting. In the world of stick people, you won’t be bored. There are many robbers and adventurers, pirates and just adventurers. Each of them is interesting in its own way, has its own code of honor and defends its interests.

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Игра Стикмен-гонки Stickman race
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Чем привлекает мир Стикмена

Schematically depicted figures are somewhat reminiscent of cave painting and, of course, children's drawings. These wand characters are created. The power to draw such people is even the smallest. So it turns out that the Stickman games attract and bribe with deliberate simplicity. Sometimes it seems that it’s you, and not someone else who drew the little man or put it out of matches and let him go on a long journey.

Игры Стикмен

And when it becomes necessary to develop your own version of the development of events, the feeling of involvement in everything that happens is only intensifying. You begin to feel, at least, as a director or scriptwriter.

What are these games

It’s always interesting in Stickman’s world. Here you can hold the fortress defense or search for sunken treasures, develop a crime plan of the century or try to escape from prison, try on the role of a super agent or detective, fight your own kind in the ring or take part in a rally. Stickman games are diverse.

Игры Стикмен

In some you will be asked to draw characters, in others to create a comic, among them there will be platformers and quests with exciting stories. Mahjongs, walkers, races will also be interesting. You won’t be bored for sure. But you have to run over your heads, shoot, take cover from pursuit, fight, in general - be constantly on the move. Some of the proposals can be played not only by two, but also by the three.

Gangster disassembly and not only

Inline people can do a lot. You can easily verify this. There are many action games and shooters with their participation. In games of the same series, Stickman is in a mafia-like environment and behaves accordingly, engaging in a showdown, shooting left and right, he defends the interests of his clan or opposes the mafia on the contrary. Stickman behaves somewhat differently in the Hot Heads series of games. Here our hero is ready to fight with the whole world and save humanity, risking his own life every minute.

The existence of a whole world consisting of sticks unites offers of a similar plan. Not only the main character is drawn here schematically. All other characters too. In the stick world, as in the real world, there are friends and enemies, accomplices and competitors. It’s always interesting here. Events unfold with incredible speed, a lot depends on the speed of reaction and a well-developed strategy. Thinking through every single step of Stickman, you immerse yourself in the game so much that you begin to feel like a full member of the team. And the corresponding musical accompaniment in combination with sound effects greatly enhance the impression.

How to make the game more interesting

In games where you need to fight the enemy, you can always rock the hero. To do this, Stickman needs to score as many points as possible. Earn bonuses is quite simple, you need to collect trophies, complete tasks, be agile and quick-witted when meeting with opponents from the stick world. A lot of Stickman games provide control not only with the mouse. You will also have to click on the arrows, the spacebar, and some others, especially when you play with someone in a pair.

It’s easy to get used to the nuances of control. With all this, such dubious difficulties are the key to the fact that the proposals with the participation of Stickman are interesting and exciting. And the further you advance, the more confident Stickman fights with the enemy, while gaining experience and getting the opportunity to use more powerful and formidable weapons.

Despite the apparent simplicity, Stickman is an amazing character, charismatic and attracting attention. Spending time in his company is always interesting. If you do not believe it, then you should try.