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Игры Соник икс картинка

                                   The story of a blue hedgehog with an incredibly attractive pricklyness cannot be called ordinary. Perhaps this is one of the few cases when the cartoon appeared later than computer games. The desire of the leadership of the international company for the production of games Sega to excellence and led to the fact that back in 1991 the company had a new mascot - Sonic. Created for game consoles, which at that time were the last word in technology, the game had its own animated plot and consisted of many episodes. Needless to say, Sonic quickly became popular and recognizable, because the games with his participation came out in a million copies. Sonic X games will appeal to all fans of the blue hedgehog.

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Неимоверные приключения

The stunning success of the charismatic blue hedgehog, who is a representative of one of the parallel worlds and part-time mascot of the company itself, to some extent served as the impetus for the creation of an animated version of the incredible adventures of this hero . Both in games and in the animated version there is a world unlike anything, friends, antagonists, and a lot of incredible adventures.

By the way, there are a lot of cartoons with a blue hedgehog, there are English feature films, and a great Japanese animation a series that has several versions, one of which was even specially adapted for American viewers. Sonic X games can be very different, ranging from ordinary arcades to interesting races.

Earth happens and such

You’ll be surprised, but all the actions of the animated series and games mainly unfold on our you planet. Only here parallel measurements at the same time on it in abundance. Here you can easily get from one reality to another, while spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, doing good deeds in the hope of returning to your native dimension, but once again just moving from one reality to another, different from the previous one, but still not his own.

The endless adventures of the anthropomorphic hedgehog just happen in all these many realities. A fast hedgehog always and everywhere strives to restore justice, well, he can feel completely happy only when there is no evil in any of the worlds, the hunters for the Chaos Emeralds disappear, and Sonic himself still manages to find his own dimension.

Meet Sonic!

Green-eyed charismatic blue hedgehog in white gloves and stylish sneakers, able to develop supersonic speed. Honest and truthful, decisive, capable of not only standing up for himself, but also saving the world, if necessary. Accustomed Sonic always and in everything to go to the end. Sometimes it’s even too arrogant, but it doesn’t spoil it at all. When making this or that decision, our hero does not always adequately weigh the pros and cons. Perhaps he is sometimes overly impulsive, but feeling responsible for the order not only on earth, but also for maintaining peace and balance of power in the entire universe, he makes exactly the decision that he considers the only right one, sometimes even to the detriment of himself. || |

Игры Соник икс

A striking example of such a self-sacrifice is his decision to sweep chaos emeralds in the galaxy, because having taken such a step, Sonic puts himself in incredible danger and even finds himself on Mobius, which is the Earth from parallel reality in not the best shape. Often Sonic saves the world, but he is not particularly proud of it, he considers this an exciting game, an interesting activity, one of the adventures without which he simply cannot imagine life. Sonic frankly does not like water, to some extent even fears it, but even having such a flaw, he is a real hero, and besides, taking into account how smart our hedgehog is, he still manages to get out of the water dry.

To all other advantages, Sonic is very good at music. At the same time, he gives preference to rock. Rumor has it that at one time he even had his own rock band. And Sonic can be friends. He is companionable and always quickly finds a common language, both with people and with animals. Many would probably like to have such a loyal friend.

Together with friends, it’s always better

Honest, always open to communication Sonic X and friends have a match.

  • Лисенок Тейлз – честный малый, самый преданный друг, к которому Соник относится, как к младшему брату . Сопровождает ежика повсюду и является его помощником. Иногда влипает в какие-нибудь истории, но не специально, так что особых проблем никому не доставляет.
  • Echidna Knuckles is, on the one hand, a very serious fellow who believes that Sonic is super frivolous and tries to succeed and show on the fact that he is the best. Probably, he would have succeeded, if not for excessive trust in others. Because of his gullibility, he often sticks in history, while summing up not only himself, but also others. Otherwise, a good fellow. Sonic X even came up with a not-so-affectionate nickname “friendly enemy.”
  • Hedgehog Amy is a pink beauty in love with Sonic and trying to please him all the time. At the same time, a true devoted friend, a faithful companion in adventures. If Sonic is slightly annoyed by Amy's attention, she, on the contrary, catches every sign of attention on his part. In games about Sonic X, Amy often fights on the side of Sonic.

Sonic makes friends not only with representatives of the animal world. One of the central places during all the adventures on Earth is reserved for a 12 year old boy named Chris. Before Sonic appeared, the boy’s life was ordinary and ordinary, but everything changed on the day when Chris Thorndike was lucky to catch a blue hedgehog from the pool, which later became his best friend.

Something about the Chaos Emeralds and not only about them

Chaos Emeralds - it is with them, one way or another, that all the adventures of our heroes are connected. Let's try to figure out what it is. 7 stones that give incredible opportunities to those who possess them. A source of inexhaustible energy that can be used both for harm and good. With their help, you can transform and take a super form or teleport using the ability of Chaos control. These emeralds have a centuries-old history, and, of course, many who want to get them. Particular zeal in this matter is shown by the evil scientist Dr. Eggman, who is also called Dr. Robotnik.

Игры Соник икс

The most cherished dream of this villain is to create his own planet, populated by subservient and obedient robots. In pursuit of the Chaos Emeralds, this man even managed to ditch half of the Moon, it’s good that Sonic and his friends managed to thwart his plans in time. Chase the Emeralds of Chaos and other antagonists, whom the thirst for power haunts. In the company of a blue hedgehog, always interesting. Sonic Games are suitable for children of all ages. He is never bored. And if for some reason he has not yet become your friend, then we recommend making friends with him as quickly as possible.