Games Sofia the Beautiful

Игры София Прекрасная картинка

                                   Disney continues its tradition of producing good and kind cartoons, and of course, in most of them, according to tradition, the main characters are princesses. In 2013, a cartoon about the newly-minted Princess Sofia came out on television. The new cartoon tells how a previously poor girl suddenly became the princess of an entire kingdom overnight, and how she got used to her new position. In the meantime, you are waiting for a new series, you can play the games Sofia the Beautiful for girls on our site! Here you will find only the most interesting arcades and rpg games with your beloved princess.

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София Прекрасная: с чего все началось

Before you start playing the games Sofia the Beautiful, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the history of the cartoon. First of all, it will be useful because it is just going to see it. Not all are born as princesses, some of them become. That fate turned out to be so favorable in relation to the simple rural girl Sofia. Her mother Miranda, a commoner, married the widowed king of the fairyland of Roland's Magic. By the way, the newly created royal couple became large overnight, as Roland himself already had children, Prince James and Princess Amber.

Игры София Прекрасная

It’s much easier to feel royal, knowing what etiquette is from the cradle and how exactly you need to behave with subjects. Much harder to learn on the go. However, Sofia the Beautiful is not at all from a timid dozen. Let her not immediately right everything come out, but each of her actions has a soul.

For the first time, the world learned about the existence of a brave young lady from the full-length animated film Sofia the Beautiful: The story of the princess, who saw the light at the end of 2012 . Since then, more than two dozen fascinating episodes about the new adventures of a charming little girl have been presented to the audience at a Disney film studio. Even today, work on this animated project continues in full swing, which means that Sofia the Beautiful will have many exciting adventures ahead.

Getting to know the Royal Family

  • Princess Sofia is a sweet, charming charismatic person who is persistently striving for achieve any goal. It’s very kind and fair. Able to stand up for herself. Nobody will ever give offense. I'm used to trusting others, but at the same time trying to figure it out on my own. The inquisitive mind of the girl pushes her on numerous adventures. Even trolls, who were underground for a long time, owe her the opportunity to admire the beauty of the starry sky again. He likes to play games with his sister and his brother.
  • Prince James is the brother of Sophia. Good mannered boy. Always ready to defend the honor of his family. He treats sisters well, he helped the half-sister very much from the very beginning not to feel lonely and abandoned. His support during preparation for the flying races helped to get into the jockey team of the Royal Academy not only for himself, but also for Sofia, who wished to take part in them.
  • Princess Amber is the half-sister of the main character. Proud, and sometimes even arrogant, who at first perceived the appearance of a new sister without enthusiasm. She loves to dress up, constantly looks after herself, her appearance is always impeccable, her manners too. If at first she took Sofia with hostility, and even tried to make fun of her, then over time she began to show sincere concern for her sister and help to understand the intricacies of the palace life.
  • King Rolland is a fair ruler, taking care of his subjects , a loving husband and an excellent father who knows how to not only give orders, but also to listen to the opinions of others. Willingly supports the beginnings of their own children. Heavily loaded, sometimes dreams of rest. Moreover, having turned just a day into an ordinary baker, he concludes that it is better to manage the kingdom than to bake bread badly.
  • Queen Miranda is a loving and caring mother of the family. He supports her husband in everything, shows sincere care for children. Good, sweet and fair.

Something about the country of Magic and its inhabitants

In a fairy-tale country and a step without magic you can’t do it. Here, not only horses, but even carriages involved in an air parade have wings. Education in the walls of the royal academy with study in the walls of an ordinary school is difficult to compare. They teach good manners and the construction of castles, etiquette and magic. For homework, they can offer, for example, to create a couple of rubies or emeralds, and in order to conduct an exam and identify the most worthy of the princesses of one of the directors of the royal academy, they even had to resort to transformations. When you play games about Sofia the Beautiful, you can also learn, learn a lot of magic spells, and even conjure a little.

Animals here can talk, but only Sofia can understand them. The princess possesses this ability thanks to the amulet of Avalor, presented to her by the king. Any good deed committed by the young owner of the amulet gives her new knowledge and opens up new opportunities for the girl. Even turning into a mermaid with an amulet is not a problem.

Игры София Прекрасная

Only the father’s command to never remove the amulet saves the whole fairy kingdom from inevitable catastrophe. The court magician-loser Cedric wants to take possession of the amulet and use it to gain power over everyone.

The adventures of Sofia the Beautiful and her friends are very exciting and interesting. You can watch endlessly how all triumphing kindness prevails over treachery and evil. Looking at the good dear Sophia, you immediately realize that this is what real princesses should be like. And if you want to immerse yourself in the magical world even deeper, then the games Sofia the Beautiful will help you do this. In them you can not only dress the main character and her friends in different clothes, but also go through a series of dangerous trials with her, fight against the villains and solve several fascinating puzzles.