The Smurf Games

Игры Смурфики картинка

                                   Few people know that the Smurfs first appeared in the form of comics back in 1958. It took thirty years for these cute creatures to gain popularity and become characters in the animated series. But today, the life of a magical forest is simply inconceivable without small blue creatures something similar to gnomes. Smurf games for girls and boys are very popular, so you can find a lot of them on the Internet. We have collected the best and most exciting games in one place, so you have the opportunity to play them without leaving our site.

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In addition to the animated series, consisting of 4 seasons and numbering more than 120 episodes, today you can also see two comedy fantasy full-length films made in the USA about the adventures of brave blue men, in which, along with the cartoons, they also play actors, as well as the Smurfs games for computers, consoles and available online directly from your browser.

These films are notable for the fact that the adventures of the main characters move from the magic forest, first to New York, and then to Paris. Wherever these cute creatures appear, they will definitely be able to cheer up the most demanding of the audience.

Acquaintance with the world of the Smurfs

  • Papa Smurf is the oldest of all Smurfs, the head of the family. Only he can use the spell book. Fair to everyone. Always trying to make residents of a magical village appreciate and love each other.
  • Smurfetta - A charming blonde who is not without male attention. Very funny kind and fair smurfochka. The only female person in the company of Smurfs once created by Gargamel. He loves games and holidays. He is fond of floriculture.
  • A wise guy is a great nerd who loves to philosophize very much, wears glasses.
  • Muddler is a cute blue man who can hardly be called harmless. Forever stuck in some kind of story. Good-natured and does not always understand why some of his brothers do not want to communicate with him.
  • Grumble is a grouchy smurf who prefers to be alone and not in company. He is very kind at heart, although he often claims the opposite.
  • Veselchak is an eccentric with a very peculiar sense of humor, trying to give everyone an exploding surprise gift. Once he was punished by his own shadow, which, due to circumstances, decided to live separately from the owner. I felt what it was like to receive exploding gifts.

Dreamer, Trickster, Bummer, Handsome, Lumberjack, Chistoplyuy, Tailor, Zhadina, Artist, Musician. Here they are not all of the tiny blue inhabitants of the magic forest, whose names characterize each individually in full.
Gargamel is an evil genius using a spellbook. Hates the Smurfs. We are obsessed with the idea of ​​getting gold with the help of the magical power that little blue men possess. Who knows, maybe he would have succeeded, if not for the petty pranks of his red cat Azrael. To achieve the goal is ready for a lot. Inventive and smart. He puts a lot of effort into finding a Smurf village. Games about the Smurfs will allow you to play both for these and other characters of cartoons and films, helping them solve various difficult tasks and get out of difficult situations.

The Smurfs always have something to learn

Смурфики народ дружный, каждый из них занят своим делом. Одни шьют, другие строят, третьи занимаются подготовкой праздников. У синих маленьких человечков есть только один серьезный враг волшебник – неудачник Гаргамель. Чего только он не делал, чтобы найти их место обитания. Пытался поссорить отважных маленьких жителей сказочной деревни, выследить их, пускаясь при этом на всевозможные хитрости. Кстати, Смурфетта появилась на свет его стараниями, уж очень хотелось негодяю напакостить всем и получить свое, однако Папе Смурфу удалось при помощи магии вылечить очаровательную блондинку.

Игры Смурфики

Often, some of the brave kids get into trouble, because there are dangers a lot and they lie in wait at every step. One net of Gargamel is worth something, but there is nothing to say about his red-haired pet Azrael with huge claws. Many of the blue shorties, against their will, had to visit the castle of the evil wizard, but thanks to courage, resourcefulness and mutual assistance, they always manage to leave the villain with his nose.

It is very interesting to watch how these little men, by the way say immortal organizing their leisure. They like to play smurfball or catch-up. Collective mass games, this friendly forest folk always prefers. But for so many years, or rather centuries, of existence, all this could have become boring for a long time and boring in order.

The world in which shorties live

There are a lot of inhabitants in the fairy-tale forest. Lovely winged fairies, kind and pleasant in every way, vile warthogs led by their leader King Reed, by the way, very badly referring to their croaking subjects, and even robbers, meeting with whom in the forest is dangerous for anyone, cute elves and bee people . The Smurfs have some kind of relationship with everyone. With someone friendly, neutral with someone, and even hostile with someone.

Игры Смурфики

Many are generally sympathetic to the optimistic and charismatic Smurfs. They like Mother Nature and Father of Time, who are convinced that little blue friends will do just fine with any important assignment. In general, for everyone who does not mind laughing and having a good time, they came up with smurfs. But to miss this fun company just does not work. The Smurfs games are very funny and interesting, because these little creatures are real masters to fall into all kinds of alterations, and to get out of them, too. Even in our modern, but far from perfect world, they were not lost and managed to survive. And if for some reason you have not met these cute, provocative shorties before, then now is the time to do it.