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Игры Смешарики картинка

                                   Today, there is hardly a person who has never heard of smeshariki. Appearing on TV screens in 2004, these funny spherical animated animals quickly won the hearts of young viewers and their parents. Few people know that the idea of ​​creating these funny and mischievous creatures came about when designing a regular candy wrapper for a round candy. The artist Salavat Shaikhinurov so liked the mischievous little hare, who later became Croche, that he simply left the drawing for himself, and eventually came up with the designer Ilya Popov and other characters. Then there was the registration of the LLC, the appeal of the business project to the Pilot studio and universal recognition. Smeshariki games did not appear immediately, but also very quickly became widespread.

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В компании смешариков скучно не бывает

It is very interesting to watch such a funny motley company. Communication with Smeshariki gives the audience laughter and good mood, charges with a positive and at the same time often makes you think, and sometimes even leads to some philosophical thoughts. During its existence, Smeshariki conquered the hearts of millions. They are already known in 60 countries of the world. An unpretentious plot, unobtrusive presentation of material, a desire for knowledge and philosophical thoughts mixed with sparkling humor make Smeshariki more and more popular every day.

It’s enough to note that about 50 million people watch the adventures of these round creatures every day, among whom not only children, but also adults. And in online games, Smeshariki for girls and boys are played by hundreds of thousands of cartoon fans. Let's try to figure out what these charming cartoon characters conquered millions of viewers hearts.

Игры Смешарики

The world in which the Smeshariki live is very peculiar. There is a lot of positive in it, all the neighbors are friends among themselves, never seriously scandalized for a long time, but on the contrary rush to each other to help and try to contribute and correct the course of events, helping others sometimes with deeds, sometimes in a word, and more often and others together. Almost everyone is friends here, despite the difference in age, various vital interests and other preferences. No one here is forbidden to put forward the craziest ideas, express their point of view, arrange holidays and have fun until you drop or feel sad all alone. Kopatych and Sovunya, Losyash and Hedgehog, Krosh, Nyusha, Kar Karych, Barash, Pin: today many of the spectators recognize all of them together and each individually.

Each of the Smeshariks has their own rich inner world and their own very peculiar outlook on things, but they know how to make friends, support each other too, not only in difficult times, but also during hours of unbridled fun. And if any idea appears in their close-knit team, then absolutely everyone is making efforts to implement it. In the life of Smeshariki, not a day goes by without adventure. No, no, and they’ll come up with something interesting and fascinating, they’ll even invent new and unusual holidays, just not to sit back. It’s better to have fun until you drop off, marking the day of the mysterious Nibelmesakolyad, than to allow yourself to spend time in boredom and gloom. Let's try to slightly open the veil and get to know each of the Smeshariki closer.

Young generation

Krosh is the same failed candy wrapper. Well, it was impossible for such a charismatic rabbit-fidget to become a wrapper for candy. He is never discouraged, optimistic and resourceful. His head is full of adventurous ideas, for the realization of which he, of course, needs good company. He is very friendly with the Hedgehog, who is more often than others his companion and participant in incredible adventures. Catching the moon hare, for example, is not so simple, but those are interested in adventures because not only the organizer himself, but also the performers take part in them. Krosh is often the main character in games about Smeshariki.

Nyusha is the most tout pig in the world. Restless person with changeable character. Likes to attract attention. Estetka, coquette and dreamer. Often preoccupied with her appearance. From time to time I’m not happy enough with myself. At such moments, he arranges executions over himself, trying to limit himself to food and sweets. Able to invent something worthwhile. For example, a room of loneliness. It is the only young special female, which is used to the full. The object of Barash’s adoration, in contrast to which he does not advertise his feelings for the latter, but, nevertheless, appreciates and loves Barash himself and his courtship. At the same time, do not mind having fun with friends. Indifferent to Nyusha and does not hide it. He likes to ride with her on a swing, and recite poems. Ready to prove my love in many ways. Sometimes too shy, and even timid. Able to invite a lady of the heart for a picnic, just go and guess at the same time exactly how the eccentric person will perceive this proposal at one time or another. There are Smeshariki games with Barash’s participation, but there are much fewer games than with Nyusha and Krosh.

Игры Смешарики

Бараш – меланхоличный поэт-мечтатель, очень раним. В то же время не прочь повеселиться в компании друзей. Неравнодушен к Нюше и не скрывает этого. Любит кататься с ней на качелях, и декламировать стихи. Готов доказывать свою любовь разными способами. Иногда излишне застенчив, и даже робок. Способен пригласить даму сердца на пикник, вот только поди угадай при этом как именно взбалмошная особа воспримет данное предложение в тот или иной момент. Игры смешарики с участием Бараша есть, но их гораздо меньше, чем с Нюшой и Крошем.

The hedgehog is a smart and judicious fellow. He is fond of collecting. He loves peace and quiet, but at the same time he often gets into all sorts of stories, the ringleader of which is Krosh. Education simply does not allow him to refuse the offers of an assertive friend. Krosh very often helps out by helping him communicate with the rest of Smeshariki and explaining to them the logic of certain actions of the eared ringleader. The experience of Losyash, a scientist of a little boring moose, who knows everything and even received the Nobel Prize for any of his achievements, is very valuable. With the inventor, Pin is also not bored. Perhaps his idea of ​​creating a perpetual motion machine also failed, but if it is well understood, it is still beyond the power of the best minds of mankind. A trouble-free bear named Kopatych not only provides food for all Smeshariks, but can also dance an incendiary dance, because once in his youth he was an actor.

Смешарики старшего поколения

В обществе смешариков всегда найдется место для общения со старшими. Очень ценными являются опыт Лосяша, ученого немного занудного лося, разбирающегося во всем на свете и даже получившего Нобелевскую премия за какое-то из своих достижений. С изобретателем Пином тоже скучать не приходится. Возможно его идея создания вечного двигателя и потерпела неудачу, но если хорошо разобраться, так это до сих пор не под силу лучшим умам человечества. Безотказный медведь по имени Копатыч не только обеспечивает провиантом всех смешариков, но может еще и зажигательный танец станцевать, ведь когда-то в молодости он был актером.

How Karych has a reputation for the omnipresent raven. Once he worked on the stage, and fortune, apparently, was favorable to him. This character is a little boastful, but who knows, suddenly all the adventures that he tells about happened to him, because he also shows organizational abilities and even the talents of the illusionist and hypnotist. There is among the Smeshariks another winged person, wise in life experience, the Sovunya, engaged in healing. Well, whose advice you can safely listen to.

In general, all as one smeshariki are cute and kind, fun with them, they always have something to learn. Today you can not only watch cartoons about them, but even take part in their fun adventures by choosing free games Smeshariki from our portal, with the direct participation of your favorite cartoon characters.