Slizario Games

Игры Слизарио картинка

                                   In the distant, distant past, your mothers and fathers, or maybe even yourself, had a small push-button telephone and played a pixelated black and white game called the Snake. They competed, tried to break each other’s count and make their snake the longest, avoiding obstacles and saving her from death. Slizario games are a multiplayer snake designed for the simultaneous battle of thousands of players.

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Ползи, червячок, ползи

Starting to play slysario online, you will take on the role of a worm that wants to eat more and become thicker. You fight in the open world with other food players - magic luminous balls. Who will win this crazy battle depends on you!

The mechanics of all the arcades in this category are very similar, only the scenery and some bonus features of the characters differ. The main rule is that you can’t fall for other, thicker worms, because they can eat you too, then you have to start again, having lost all progress. Arrange a grand battle with players from anywhere in the world, open slyzario to the full screen and appreciate the full scope of this dark and mysterious world.

Features Slyzario

All movements are controlled by the mouse and you can easily manage your hero. Your goal is to climb to the top of the food chain and become the biggest worm in the universe. Do not hesitate, arcades in the style of slyzario draw in earnest and you will spend many hours behind these multiplayer arcades!

Пример игрового процесса в игре Слизарио

Inside the games you can change the color of the worm, choose what it will be today - red or green. Thanks to the variety of skins, you can choose the image of a hero to any mood and impress everyone with your personality. Anyone can play slizario games. You can call your parents or friends and arrange a big battle of worms - you must admit, this is a great idea for a party.