Games Slenderman

Игры Слендермен картинка

There are many stories about the subtle man. This is a merciless killer, waiting for the victim in pitch darkness. Basically, he preys on children, but adults should also be careful. Games Slenderman talk about the thin man. It is dangerous and, believe me, it’s impossible to run away from it.

Initially, Slenderman is a fictional character based on a story from the Internet. He is a strange, humanoid creature, unnaturally thin, with tentacles emerging from his back. He captures the victim with them - first pursuing her, abducting, and then killing. Games about Slenderman are arcade games of the horror genre. They are designed for really brave players. To shy people waking up from nightmares, we do not recommend playing them. Games have 3D graphics and are made on the Unity 3D engine. Your goal is to collect all the notes before the monster reaches you.

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