Scooby-Doo Games

Игры Скуби Ду картинка

Dog Scooby-Doo is familiar today to many children, their parents, and in some cases even grandparents. The explanation is quite simple: those who met the Great Dane and his friends are among the first, today already over 50. The first talking dog appeared back in 1969 and was shown on the American television channel CBS, and after 7 years, gaining popularity, the series was moved to the much more famous and popular channel - ABC. The first online games of Scooby Doo appeared in the early 2000s and were simple arcades, and by 2006 several exciting computer games were released about the adventures of our beloved hero. Choose an arcade and start playing, plunging into the world of the supernatural.

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О мультфильме

Perhaps it was the cartoons about Scooby Doo that became the main component of popularity, the company Hanna-Barbera, which for a quarter century gave all lovers of detective stories and unusual adventures a lot of funny stories about how young detectives try to find a rational kernel in a chain of mystical events. Since 2002, the media franchise has been transferred to Warner Bros. And today, no one is going to put an end to the many adventures that fell to the lot of the legendary dog ​​and his friends.

Игры Скуби Дуи

Today, there are more than 10 animated series, 22 full-length cartoons, and this does not count 4 movies and a lot of special issues. You can observe all the intricacies in the stories of Scooby Doo for years, and this will not bother you at all. Unusual adventures with elements of mysticism and horror are simply not boring, and crimes, even if very carefully thought out, can always be revealed if there is a close-knit, united team, faith in success and skepticism towards supernatural things, or at least the absence of superstitious fear. Like cartoons, Scooby Doo games also allow you to solve fascinating secrets together with a company of loyal friends.