Games Fairytale Patrol

Игры Сказочный патруль картинка

Literally behind the next door, or rather in a neighboring town, real sorceresses are hiding from the eyes of people. It’s hard to open them, but it’s possible, you just have to be more careful. Games fairy patrol for girls, tell about Masha, Var, Snezhka and Alena living in the town of Myshkin. In games, you can choose any of the sorceresses.

Varya is a natural leader of the team. She belongs to the element Air, her magical abilities are teleportation and telekinesis. Alena - controls the Fire, but is not yet too confident in her abilities. Maria is a child prodigy, she treats gadgets like ordinary devices, owns the power of water. Snowball is the kindest and most caring of girls. Manages snow and ice. Girls from the Fairytale Patrol are working to save the city from enemies and evil creatures. In this section you will find puzzles and other games with the cartoon characters Fairy-Tale Patrol.

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