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                                   The Simpsons have long become one of the most iconic and famous shows in the world. And despite the fact that they have been going on for more than 20 years, their popularity has not fallen at all and a new release is expected soon, already 26 in a row of the season. Over the years, our yellow heroes have long gone beyond the boundaries of the TV and with their symbols a lot of different things have been released. In 2000, to advertise the airline, the famous family was even pasted onto several passenger aircraft. Over time, the family appeared in computers, and games with it became quite popular. On our site you will find the best free online games about the Simpsons and other cartoon characters!

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История появления Симпсонов

Over more than 20 years of existence, The Simpsons have become one of the most popular and famous cartoons targeted at an audience of 16+. In addition to the series itself, many souvenirs, books and other things were released, as well as the Simpsons computer games, which sold tens of millions of dollars, saw the light of the day.

The creator of the series is Matt Groening, who is known for creating the Simpsons, also the creation of one of the most popular animated series - Futurama. It is noteworthy that Matt not only came up with the concept of a dysfunctional family, but also named almost all of its members in honor of his relatives. The only exception was Bart, whom Matt was supposed to name in honor of himself, but decided to make his name an anagram to the word "offspring." But to make the heroes yellow was decided not by Matt, but by one of the artists, which later became one of the main "tricks" of the series. Moreover, the “decoration” of the heroes occurred only in the first season, but in the short episodes the heroes were of ordinary colors. So the first episodes of the Simpsons, which preceded small humorous episodes and appeared back in 1987, were with the usual color scheme.

Игры Симпсоны

But even despite the usual skin color of the characters, the short episodes were very popular and Fox accepted the decision, to make of short episodes, a full-fledged multi-part cartoon. And now, two years later, before Christmas 1989, the first 30-minute episode dedicated to the holiday comes out. After that, new episodes began to appear regularly, and the popularity of the show grew. In just half a year, the Simpsons entered the top 30 of Fox's most popular shows, which made it a decision to postpone the cartoon show to another time, in order to compete with another popular show. Such a transfer almost turned out to be disastrous for the Simpsons, since the rating and the number of spectators fell several times by the end of the season. But despite the drop in the number of viewers, the first season was even able to win an Emmy Award.

Игры Симпсоны

However, due to a drop in performance, Fox had a question about the end of the show, especially the editorial office received many complaints regarding Bart, who often received no punishment for his misconduct. Fortunately, the studio decided to extend the Simpsons for the second season, but move them to a less competitive time, after which their ratings began to grow again. By the middle of the season, the cartoon had entered Fox's 10th ranking. But the company again decided to arrange a competition between the Simpsons and another popular series, because of which the rating of the cartoon, by the end of the second season, fell again. Later, the transfer to another time was again carried out and everything again returned to their places. Well, then, year after year, new seasons of the famous cartoon began to appear, and its popularity only grew. The Simpsons last season 25 came out in 2013, and his next episode was shown in May 2014. Season 26 can be expected in late September.

Main characters

  • Homer is the father of the family, likes to drink quite stupid and lazy. Homer is very impulsive and can even beat his son because of a fit of rage.
  • Bart is one of the most famous painted characters in the world. He is a hooligan, but at the same time he often behaves smarter than his father. The brother is selfish, reckless, but kind to his friends.
  • Lisa is the smartest member of the family. Always strive to help other people, responsible and kind. He has many interesting and positive hobbies.
  • Marge is pretty smart and practical. He doesn’t commit rash acts and always tries to enlighten Homer.
  • Maggie is an unusually developed child who understands everything that happens around her and helps her family more than once, and also saves the life of her father, Homer. || 639

Как менялись Симпсоны

An interesting feature of the show is that the heroes over the past 20 years have not undergone practically any changes, and their age has not changed either. Moreover, the exact age of the heroes is still not known, since in several episodes, they call a different age with a fluctuation of 3-7 years. Also, in one of the last episodes, Lisa admitted that her parents stirred a special substance in her food so that she could not grow up.

But the character of the Simpsons underwent serious changes, Homer became even more stupid lazy and careless. Bart became smarter than his father, but at the same time he became more fearless, impulsive, extreme and purposeful. Bart’s relationship with his sister Lisa improved and they began to conflict less. Closer to the middle of the show, the characters began to wear more diverse clothes, and the number of new places where they often go increased. Another important feature was that during the 26th season, the Simpsons voices changed several times already.

Well, now that you have met all the main characters, you can start playing games about the Simpsons on our website! We have selected for you only the best games that are suitable for both the children's audience and those who watch the series, understanding all the jokes and understanding the semantic load of each series.