Games Shooters

Игры Шутеры картинка

A fascinating genre of online games with the use of firearms is the most popular and widespread today. There are a huge number of fans to shoot at various virtual goals and real opponents, and shooters are considered to be one of the most popular arcades.

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Игра Экстремальный пэйнтболл Extreme paintball
4.2 || | 384
Игра Крезинайт Ио Kresinaite Io
3 | || 475
Игра Пейнтбол Paintball
4.4 | || 508
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Онлайн шутеры

In the modern world there are several real e-sports championships (the most famous of them being held under the auspices of Asus Corporation), with real prizes and awards. Popularity and prevalence, as well as a huge variety of such games will not leave anyone indifferent.

Игры шутеры

In addition to official competitions, there are a huge number of fan clubs and clans that contain their own servers and projects for shooters. Shooters for weak PCs, due to low requirements for graphics and computer resources are free to "fly" even on very weak systems. Good old Quake, Counter-Strike and many other games known around the world feel great on very simple computers, allowing fans to plunge into the wonderful world of virtual online shooters without expensive upgrades to the filling of their home machines. You can play Counter-Strike Source 3D games in this category.

Varieties of shooters

Игра шутер 3д

Here, the flight of the developers' fantasies is unlimited and the shooter games have appeared absolutely for every taste and color .. From space battles to gloomy and gloomy dungeons in the style of Bosch's creativity. Thanks to this diversity of the genre, playing online shooters is always interesting and brings a lot of positive emotions, as well as real adrenaline. And due to the fact that you can play not only with computer characters (bots), but also with real, living people - the game acquires real unpredictability and completely captures the player.