Games School

Игры Школа картинка

Learning - sucks! Absolutely all children and adolescents think so, and adults also think so. Nobody wants to constantly sit in a stuffy classroom and listen to some garbage about how the gimlet rule works. Whether it’s a matter of playing school, in them you can be a naughty bully or go to school with your favorite characters.

The most popular online arcades about school are various games about hooligans. You start playing for the most important ugliness. Try to bring the teacher to tears or fake classmates. The more you play pranks, the more fun it will become, and at the same time you will earn a lot of points. There is still an arcade game that allows you to demonstrate skills in cheating on the exam! Games about school for girls are more peaceful. In them, the favorite heroines of the girls - Anna and Elsa, are sent to classes. Among the genres, dressing, makeup, and character makers are popular.

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