Games Shimmer and Shine

Игры Шиммер и Шайн картинка

Any girl dreams of personal sorceresses. Remember the fairy tale about Cinderella, whom the fairy godmother helped to get everything desired in one evening - she dressed up, sent to the ball and conjured the prince to fall in love with the zamarashka. Everyone has their own fairies now, turn on the games Shimmer and Shine for girls and young beauties are already nearby.

Every self-respecting girl knows about beautiful twin sorceresses. Pink-haired Shimmer and Shine with blue hair are idols of young ladies. They are beautiful, kind and fulfill any desire. These heroines are similar to the genie from Aladdin - they live in a jug, fly on the carpet of an airplane. Shimmer and Shine have a little tiger Nala and a cute monkey. The main goal of the twins is to please their best friend, and in combination with their mistress Leah. Games about young fairies are not as popular as Barbie and Winx, but the developers have released many games of different genres.

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