Zuma Games

Игры Зума картинка

                                   Well, is there someone who has never played Zuma - one of the most popular arcade series in the world? Although at the moment this series of games has been over 15 years old, both children and their parents still adore playing it, and all because the stunning combination of ease of control and incredible excitement that captures gamers while bursting balls makes them immerse themselves in the world of Zuma and forget about what is happening, discovering new levels and trying not to let the balls roll into the hole. But to play zoom requires a very good reaction, because you need to manage to send balls to the appropriate color subgroups to destroy them.

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История появления

The first zoom games appeared in 1998 on large Japanese machines called Ballistiс. By the way, these machines located in special clubs are still operating in Japan, and if you are going to visit this wonderful country and love to play zoom, be sure to visit one of the game clubs.

Игры зума

Screenshot from Dragon Zuma HD for the iPad, a Logic Ball company.

In the same year that the arcade became extremely popular, Ballistiс was released on the Playstation and Game Boy Color consoles most popular at that time. The first computer game, called Zuma, appeared at the very end of 2003 from the company PopCap Games. Which was distributed via the Internet and had both a free and a paid version. The free zoom game was available directly over the Internet and did not require downloading, but had a number of limitations compared to her older brother.

It had fewer levels and the size of the firing zone itself was very small. But playing zoom online and for free was much more interesting than buying an expensive licensed version, so third-party developers quickly fussed and released more than a hundred similar arcades, many of which the usual toad sitting in the center of the screen and shooting with balls was replaced by birds, elephants , dragons, kangaroos and other animals. Some went even further and made the toad movable by placing it at the bottom of the screen - this is how the genre called Luxor is called today.

How to play Zuma

The level is a field along which multi-colored balls, and a toad (frog) sitting in the center and shooting at them with similar balls. The goal of the game is to destroy the entire chain of colored balls before it rolls into the hole. The more levels you pass, the more difficult it becomes to cope with the task, by the end of the game it will take at least 15-20 minutes to complete one level, since it is almost impossible to pass them on the first attempt.

The process of destroying balls in Zoom it represents their combination into groups of the same color (type), when 3 identical types are combined, they are destroyed, and you get points. The more you connect the same-colored balls, the more points you can earn.

Игра зума

Screenshot from Candy Shoot for iPad, the company Chance.

Almost any online zoom has a system of bonus balls. During the game, some balls may display icons indicating a particular bonus. To get it, you need to destroy the ball until the icon disappears.

In the original, destroying balls:

  • with the arrow - allows you to roll the entire chain of balls back, with a circle - after hits, explode all nearby objects. With two sticks - stops the movement of the chain. With a target - a sight appears on the screen, which increases the accuracy of hitting.
  • During the game, coins will appear on your screen by shooting a ball at which you will get extra points, as well as the time required to complete the level will be reduced. The harder the coin is located, the more points you will get and reduce time.
  • After destroying each chain of balls, you will also receive additional bonus points, as well as after passing the level itself.
  • Having accumulated 50,000 points, you get 1 bonus life, and the closer you get to the end, the faster the points accumulate.

Game Versions

There are only two official versions of the game:

  • Zuma Deluxe - the very first game that appeared on computers at the end of 2003.
  • Zuma's Revenge - released a little later and built on the same engine, but which has undergone major improvements in terms of gameplay diversity, namely - bosses were added that appear after passing each 10 levels, additional bonuses and rewards, as well as several new levels, where the frog not only sits in the center, shooting balls passing by, but it can be controlled by moving at the bottom of the screen, similar to games Luxor.

Game balls of zoom - one of the most popular arcades of our time! On the Internet there are a lot of unofficial versions of it, in which the standard frog is replaced with other animals, and instead of multi-colored balls, anything can roll along the chain. Of the ordinary redrawn versions, we can separately distinguish mathematical ones in which various numbers are drawn on the balls, and the goal is to get a total of 10 units when hit.