Games Shooting Balls

Игры Шарики стрелялки картинка

                                   Probably, at least once in my life I played shooting balls called Bubble Shooter, and this is not surprising, given its widespread distribution in the mobile market, and especially on tablets and smartphones. In game stores there are more than 100 variations of these games, and all because the mechanics of the Bubble Shooter itself is very simple and suitable for all ages. Playing these arcades every day, you can not only develop your intellectual abilities, but also just relax from a hard day. Especially for you, we have selected completely free balls shooting games that you can play online!

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История создания игры Бабл Шутер

The first game Bubble Shooter - the official progenitor of the genre was shown to the world and presented on the PC for the Windows system back in 2001 by Absolutis, a company developing casual games. Just a few months later, the game, designed, as it seemed to the developers, for a children's audience, spread to hundreds of thousands of computers, and due to its simplicity and extraordinaryness, the main audience of Bubble Shooter were housewives, office workers and other people who decided to distract from everyday tasks or work for 20-30 minutes. The game engine is a mixture of Tetris, Zuma and Luxor. Surprisingly, many years have passed since 2001, and the popularity of shooting balls has not decreased at all, but thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, on the contrary, it has grown, and many thousand times.

Игры шарики стрелялки

Now, play one of the games of this series, you can not only on computers of the Windows family, but also on Mac, Linux, on Xbox, Sony Play Station? as well as on all popular mobile devices. According to experts, the audience of the family of shooter ball games at the moment is about 50 million people, which is 100 times more than during the “first advent” of these games in 2001-2004. It is also noteworthy that the main audience of balls is not at all children, but men and women (in the same ratio) of the age category from 25 to 40.

Internal structure

Because of the huge the popularity of this type of game, their general arrangement may differ slightly, however the idea itself always remains unchanged. On your screen there will be multi-colored balls, the number of which, size and color scheme depend on the complexity of the game. In a moderate game there will be 5 colors, in light versions of the game there will be shooting balls for children, there will be 3 colors, and in complex, professional versions up to 24 colors. You will need to form groups of balls depending on the color (or the texture of the analogues) by shooting a random ball at 2 or more units of the same color.

Еще игра шарики стрелялки

In aiming fire, arrows will help you, indicating in which direction you Launch the ball, however, even with arrows, it’s far from always possible to hit the target. Moreover, the more balls of the same color you destroyed - the more points they will give you for this. With a certain number of misses, the number of colorful balls on the field is added. The goal of the game is to destroy all the balls and earn the maximum number of points by making as few annoying misses as possible. If the number of multi-colored objects becomes so large that it reaches the end of the playing field, you lose. Games where you need to shoot balls can be very exciting!

Tactics for passing

There are several tactics for passing shooters.

  • First, you can find existing chains of balls and try to collapse as many of them as possible.
  • Во-вторых, можно просто уничтожать группы мячиков одного цвета.
  • Thirdly, you can collect a sequence of balls of the same color yourself, and then blow them up, getting as many points as possible.


In the past few years, in addition to the original Bubble Shooter, created in 2001, more than 1000 varieties have been released, including various fields, starting from Ancient Egypt and ending with space, as well as a different arrangement of balls and replacing them with other objects, a rule change requiring passing levels for a while, and many other modifications.