Sega Games

Игры Сега картинка

Ask your parents or remember for yourself what kind of prefix you had in your childhood? Sega or Dandy? If the second, then to you in the appropriate section. For those who since childhood infinitely adored the first - welcome. Sega Games are 8-bit masterpieces of those times carefully copied and reproduced on a computer. Here and the Black cloak, and Sonic the Hedgehog, and the inimitable Buttloads. Imagination already draws a favorite hero? This is a great solution if you are ready to plunge into a pleasant nostalgia.

Sega games for the computer are made with high quality and wisely. Management was improved, the graphics were slightly tightened - the arcades will not stretch on the monitor into some kind of pixel madness. Result: playing is a pleasure! When choosing any game, ask your parents what they had or, if you are the former owner of the famous console, remember what kind of arcade you spent all your free time.

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