Games Edible Planet

Игры Съедобная планета картинка

When you hear about something tasty, your stomach starts rumbling. Everyone needs to eat in order to sustain life. The edible planet games present you with a hungry gray bacterium that eats and cannot stop. It becomes bigger and thicker, but this is the goal of the game. The main thing is that food should be smaller than it. In the last levels, you will be so huge that you will become the size of a planet devouring asteroids, spaceships and other planets.

Background: the scientist invented a dangerous microorganism that can eat anything. With any crumbs eaten, the bacterium grows, and this process is irreversible. The scientist wanted to keep her in a vacuum and not feed her, but the stupid laboratory assistant took pity on the cutie and fed her sweets. What further - you will learn by starting to play an edible planet. You can control the heroine of the game with the keyboard arrows, moving the glutton across the field and feeding edible objects to it.

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