Games Subway Surf

Игры Сабвей Серф картинка

                                   Fans of skateboarding and those who consider graffiti an art rather than prank or hooliganism will be able to appreciate the games of subway surf. The main character, Jake, does not take courage. This kid knows how to develop tremendous speed and at the same time overcome a lot of various obstacles. He does not understand how vivid drawings can interfere with someone. He is just trying to make the world more beautiful and color it in all the colors of the rainbow. At the same time, rip your head into the coolest alterations and always comes out of them as a winner. Hurry up to keep Jake company.

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Знакомимся с Джейком ближе

A cheerful and mischievous teenager named Jake cannot be called a good kid. At the same time, you cannot call him a malicious bully either. He loves traveling, skateboarding and painting walls in the subway and on the railway, which often causes local guards to complain. In the morning, clean and tidy, in the evening the tomboy does not usually look so hot. An active lifestyle and a love of extreme taught the young man how to treat bruises and abrasions for granted. A swollen nose or knees down for him is a common thing.

Игры Сабвей Серф

That is why in some games a brave fellow does not run away from anyone at all, but patiently waits for bruises and abrasions to be treated. At the same time, Jake is charismatic and sociable. If you comb it well, bathe it, and, in general, put it in order, it will even look like a little boy. It’s just that you need to look at him at such moments in both, or he can even escape.

It’s hard to say which country in the world Jake has not yet managed to visit. In numerous games, subway surf, he with enviable constancy drives at breakneck speed through the streets of many cities around the world. At the same time, the guy does not interfere with the language barrier, and he runs away from those who intend to catch him with enviable constancy.

Not everyone likes bright colors

Most of the games about subway surf are made in the style of runners. It is such vivid and colorful sentences with excellent voice acting and great graphics that fell in love with boys and girls all over the world, proof of this can be not only computer games, but also numerous applications for phones and androids.
By itself, the word subway in the name of the game says a lot, that’s exactly what the Americans call the metro. Well, what does the word surf mean to fans of extreme sports, you definitely don’t need to explain. For outside observers, we note that this, by and large, is nothing but a kind of skate.

It is on the skateboard in many games that Jake is forced to break away from the chase. Well, in his own opinion, they are chasing after him, quite undeservedly. Well, what’s wrong is that a person wanted to make the world brighter and more fun. The paintings on the gray walls delight the eyes of passengers, but for some reason they infuriate railway and subway workers. So Jake is forced to run races and make all sorts of pirouettes on his miracle board in a subway surf.

Subway surf is fun not for the faint of heart

Many games in the runner style, but in particular Subway surf made very realistic. The hero running at great speed is forced to dodge on the move from all kinds of moving obstacles, overcome a large number of obstacles, jump squat, wag in different directions and at the same time run. Sometimes a single wrong step becomes fatal and a young man has to start all over again.

Игры Сабвей Серф

You can get surf and injury in a subway, and get into the rubble and fall into the moat. In order for such troubles to happen as rarely as possible on the open spaces of a subway, surfing is necessary not only to run fast, but also try to pick up as many useful bonuses as possible, which allow you to jump over obstacles without much difficulty, add the game’s maneuverability or speed, or make it completely invulnerable for a while . Here he is such a world of subway surf game speeds.

What attracts players

Bright and colorful platformers, designed in the runner style, attract you like a magnet. There are plenty of reasons for this. One of the main, perhaps, is the charisma of the main character of the game subway surf. His enthusiasm is enough for everyone. Yes, and the courage and resourcefulness of the guy also does not hold. Together with him you can visit the most exotic places, visit different countries and cities, one problem - all this is on the run.

During the game, you can learn how to quickly make decisions, because otherwise you just can’t see good luck. Someone during the first acquaintance with such a game will have to fail, but for that it is a game. Agree, if everything worked out right away, there would be no such intrigue, which means that no one would have shown increased interest in the game.

It is very valuable that you can play surfing with your friends. All the results .in the game are fixed, which means that the spirit of competition is always present and spurs participants in the extreme race to achieve new heights. Each subsequent record set in the subway surf prompts the participants in the race to more clear and coherent actions. Maybe not everyone will win the first time, but the victory will be all the more valuable and desirable. If you have not tried playing surf subway, then it's time to do it.