Fish Games

Игры Рыбки картинка

Do you like the inhabitants of the depths? Or maybe you are an avid fisherman and spend every free weekend in some kind of pond? Then the fish games are perfect for you. Catch charming little fish, just look at them through the glass of the aquarium or briefly find yourself in their shoes becoming an evil piranha, shark, whale or dolphin. Devour other marine life and even boats! Or show tricks at a performance in the dolphinarium!

There are many varieties of games that allow you to play with fish. Here are the most popular: Three in a row - you need to collect fish or other sea things three equal in a row. Fishing - become a real fisherman sitting in a comfortable chair at home and clicking on the screen with the mouse. Hungry creatures - you need to feed these hungry inhabitants of the depths as soon as possible, and in other games you yourself can become such a fish and eat smaller ones.

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Игра Aquar io Aquar io
Игра Выступает дельфин 2 Dolphin 2 performs
4.3 | || 975
Игра Уход за дельфинами Dolphin care
4.6 || | 997
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