Games Fish eats a fish

Игры Рыбка ест рыбку картинка

Someone likes to eat fish, and someone to breed. Many people have aquariums at home. And many are interested in the underwater world and especially the behavior of its inhabitants. Games a fish eats a fish for one and two will talk about ordinary fish living in the ocean and let you compete in survival.

You start playing as a little tadpole, which, floating around the screen, tries to catch pieces of food and those who are smaller you. At first it’s a little complicated, because you are a baby, and big monsters want to eat you, they also need to survive. Gradually gaining mass, you will increase in size, which means you will become stronger than other inhabitants of the depths, and you will already be able to show the enemies who is in charge. Online games fish eat fish come in 2d and 3d format. Simple gameplay, a complete lack of plot and the ability to develop a character - that’s what attracts gamers in this section of the game.

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