Game Fishing on a boat in time

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Игра Рыбалка на лодке за время

Sunny day, there are almost no clouds in the sky, and the sea is completely calm. How I want to go somewhere for a swim! Well, go. Take your father’s boat, don’t forget the life buoy and hit the road! But you should not sail far from the coast, because having sailed away into the sea you can get lost and not return to your native places at all. So it’s better to find a place somewhere nearby, especially since there are a lot of fish everywhere!

If you want to catch it, then act! Take a fishing rod, put on a hook and act! Dip this hook into the water and try to pick up prey on it. To do this, bring him to the head of the fish in time. But the game of fishing on a boat in time does not give you much time, so try to do it faster. Gradually you will get accustomed and you can become a professional in this matter.

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