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Игры Роботы Динозавры картинка

Every boy loves dinosaurs. These powerful creatures became extinct many centuries ago, but young minds still excite. Also, every boy loves robots, remember at least transformers - everyone wanted at least one in a collection of toys. Great news, the developers have done what everyone will like - the game robotic dinosaurs. These are arcades in which the strength and power of dinosaurs are combined with the accuracy and indestructibility of robots.

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Игра Робот: стегоцерас Robot: stegoceras
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Игра Робот: носорог Robot: rhinoceros
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Роботы динозавры — это реальность

At the beginning of the game you will need to assemble your own hero: put the necessary details in the right places so that your robot dinosaur is truly omnipotent. After that, you can try all the possibilities of your character: how he shoots, how to defend himself - repel the attacks and you will see how cool the character you created is.

Игры роботы динозавры

You will have different opportunities: each dinosaur robot has its own. One can create a stone or electric shield around him, others shoot fire at the enemy.

Who can be created in the game

Собери робота динозавра в игре

This section presents all the games about the robot dinosaur constructor. Here is a list of dinosaur robots that you can create in them:

  • tyrannosaurus (huge, but with small arms);
  • hadrosaurus (cute-looking, but terribly dangerous duck-billed dinosaur);
  • ankylosaurus (on top of this species there are prickly spines, and the tail is like a small mace);
  • velociraptor (very small, but insanely fast dinosaurs);
  • pteranodon ( flying reptile, attacks enemies from the air);
  • pareiasaur (do not look at its height, it is very strong);
  • stegosaurus (has an interesting shape of the back, the spikes located on it look like petals color in).

To play dinosaur robot games online on our portal, you only need a mouse and your imagination. Create the most unreal creatures, and maybe it is you who will discover a new kind of these reptiles from the past!