Ricochet Games

Игры Рикошет картинка

                                   All the boys love to shoot: from a slingshot, from home-made bow, and if parents allow, then they will happily run to the shooting range. New games rebound just for such kids. They can shoot at everything you see - the main thing is to hit the target, otherwise you lose. At a minimum, you should try to give the child, and play yourself.

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Что такое рикошет?

A rebound is an action when a bullet or projectile hits the surface and bounces off it. That's when they say "rebound." Maybe you’ve heard about this before in TV shows or movies. Often this causes death - you shoot in one place, but it turns out that the bullet rushes in the opposite direction. The most interesting thing is that even water has such a property - and it can ricochet your shell.

What are these games and what are they?

Игры рикошет

Anyone who wants to play games can rebound online, special skills not required. First of all, the main rule of such arcades should be explained. At the beginning of the game, you have a certain area in front of you, goals appear in it in a chaotic order, which you should eliminate. It can be people or animals, zombies or aliens - it all depends on the game you have chosen.

Игра рикошет с зомби

After a while, the figure may disappear, so you need to concentrate and always get exactly on target. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to lose. There are still such varieties: you have a limited number of shots and you need to clearly think about how to kill all the pieces on the field. Sometimes you have to seriously think in order to properly kill everyone. If the bullets run out and the targets still remain - you lose. Shooting games ricochet in 1, 2, 3 and 4 parts are perfect for a boring evening at home, adrenaline will certainly hit from all the cracks, and you will be charged positive.