Games Rangers Samurai

Игры Рейнджеры Самураи картинка

                                   For more than 20 years, the series about Rangers has been at the top of the charts among the younger generation! During this time, multi-colored characters became hits, and under the same delirium a lot of accessories and toys were released. Any child knows the name of each of the heroes, as well as what color he will turn into and what super power he has! The teams of heroes in each season will change, and magical power will be transmitted from generation to generation. For 20 years, the rangers managed to visit space, made friends with huge dinosaurs and moved to the future. Well, the Samurai Rangers games in the online space have become mega popular!

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Как появился сериал Могучие Рейнджеры

The first season of the series appeared in August 1993 and was shown in the children's section of the FOX television channel. The idea of ​​such a series was quite interesting and new for American children, but nevertheless was borrowed from Japanese culture. It was in Japan that the first live action series were born, where the shooting was carried out practically without preparation and without a studio! All the heroes, too, had to improvise and do interesting tricks!

The graphics and plot in such series paid very little attention, but the bright heroes, as well as beautiful, albeit not realistic, and not comfortable costumes, on the contrary , a very important role was given. This was possible due to the fact that the main audience of such series were children from 4 to 12 years old. The series of live action very much resembled costume shows, which were also very popular among Japanese children.

And so, in 1993, one of the producers of the children's television channel got the idea to transfer the Japanese program to the American way, and the Power Rangers appeared! Of course, the new program received a number of serious changes and began to resemble the show to a lesser extent, but it was filmed on the go and using a minimum number of special effects.

The concept of heroes

Each of the powerful samurai rangers has its color and cannot change it. This was done so that children can easily select their favorite hero and not confuse him with other characters. The nature of each of the colors is also unique and corresponds to the selected color. Red - in almost all seasons is the leader and leads the team.

  • Green is a very impulsive person who likes to have fun and behaves quite loose.
  • Blue is a good fighter and a more technical leader, best versed in robots and weapons. Often helps with repairing equipment and combat units, in some seasons he repaired the main base after its destruction.
  • Pink is a pretty-looking girl who is ready to fight back any enemy. Most often possesses small arms.
  • Yellow is another girl and spiritual leader. Always supports the team, helps friends to understand difficult situations. Feels any lie and understatement. She knows very well what is in the soul of her friends. It often saves heroes from death!

In addition to the primary colors, additional ones more often appeared. If the red, yellow and blue ranger were in all seasons, then pink, black, green and white appeared periodically. Sometimes new heroes were antipodes and at first fought with real ones, but then all disputes and battles turned into friendship and joint battle with monsters. In the series, you can also see gold rangers who have more power and help the main team in some series. Characteristics of colors remain unchanged throughout the series, but people themselves are constantly changing. But games about the Samurai Rangers are most often made only with the most popular colors and minor characters are very rare in them.

Игры Рейнджеры Самураи

Screenshot from Power Rangers Super Samurai Kinect, company Namco Bandai Games.

Каждый из героев, это тинейджер в возрасте от 16 до 24 лет, который по случайному стечению обстоятельств получает чудесную силу, делающую его супер героем и дающую возможность сражаться с врагами. Чаще всего, получают эту способность парни и их в команде всегда большинство. Основная аудитория сериала — это мальчики, так что вполне понятно, почему так происходит. А вот в роли злодеев, часто выступают девушки!

The strength of multi-colored warriors

Each member of the team has his own, special power. Moreover, the forces will differ depending on the theme of the season. However, the fact remains that until the Power Rangers have reincarnated, they remain ordinary people who are unable to repulse the enemy, but who lead a familiar lifestyle for any teenager. But after the reincarnation, a member of the team gains strength using which they can easily deal with ordinary enemies - warriors.

Игра Могучие Рейнджеры Самураи для кинект

Screenshot from Power Rangers Super Samurai Kinect, company Namco Bandai Games.

Но вот с более сильными противниками, используя только одно оружие, справиться почти никогда не получается, ведь после того, как их одолели, они превращаются в огромных монстров высотой в сотни метров. Но для Рейнджеров Самураем — это не помеха! Каждый из персонажей имеет по боевому роботу, который он может призывать с помощью пульта, напоминающего пластмассовый телефон. После вызова, роботы доставляются прямо с неба, через открытые магические врата. Так что уже через несколько секунд, наши герои будут сидеть прямо в них! Роботы могут иметь разные формы, но чаще всего, каждый из них является животным, которое соответствует характеру его владельца. Если по отдельности, роботы не будут справляться со злодеями, то есть возможность объединить их всех в одного большого робота обладающего колоссальной силой. Кстати, игры Рейнджеры Самураи, позволяют вам сразиться с врагами как в человеческом виде, а и в виде огромных роботов!

Fights in the series and games about the Samurai Rangers

In the series, fights are given almost the most paramount importance. 60% of the entire time of the series is devoted to battles, and many children wait just minutes when the battle begins. This percentage of fights was not chosen randomly and almost always does not change, because as you remember, the main audience is guys. 30% is given to jokes, and the remaining 10% to dialogs. True dialogues, as in cartoons, most often occur right in the middle of fights! During the battles, both the Samurai Rangers and their opponents bounce sparks that imitate very strong blows, and with any jerk, the heroes fly away a few meters and land on something soft to reduce cruelty.

Еще картинка из игры про Рейнджеров

Скриншот из Power Rangers Super Samurai Kinect, компании Namco Bandai Games.

After switching to the battle mode of robots, which ends almost every series, the computer graphics are combined with the shooting, which is conducted in the studio, where in the role of huge cars dressed up people are performing. Thanks to this, the film crew manages to achieve an unprecedented realism of what is happening. In computer games, you can play the Power Rangers of the Samurai for both of them, but the fights in them are much more dynamic and interesting, although there are only a few such games, but in the near future a new part is coming out! We will look forward to it, but on our site you can play Samurai Rangers online, and the choice of entertainment here is much larger, so you can not only fight with villains, but also ride motorbikes, look for differences, solve puzzles and fly on planes!