Games Wake up the box

Игры Разбуди коробку картинка

An ordinary box goes to work, eats and sleeps. But the tight work schedule does not allow her to sleep normally, as her cardboard body needs. Wake the box games will help you stay in the role of an alarm clock for this little workaholic. Try all the most original and effective ways! You only need good ingenuity and imagination.

At the beginning of any online game, management is explained: you must draw objects; falling or rolling, they will lead the heroine out of sleep. If she is sitting on a perch, you need to draw a falling box that knocks her and makes her wake up. Playing wake up the box is terribly fun and exciting. You yourself figure out how to solve the problem: games give you complete freedom of action. It turns out dynamically, and every time events develop in different ways!

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