Plants vs. Zombies Games

Игры Растения против Зомби картинка

                                   Mobile games tend to gain popularity very quickly, especially if they are made interestingly and efficiently. This is exactly what happened with the famous Plants vs. series. Zombies This simple arcade game gained tremendous popularity, and its characters became so famous that they turned into a brand, so that the developer was able to earn good money on all kinds of attributes. And on this page you will find both official and non-official versions of the arcade, namely plant games against zombies 2, 3, which you can play online for free and many other arcades with the popular living dead.

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История создания

Casual arcade in the genre of Tower Defense saw the light in the distant 2009. The developers of Pop Cap Games created a masterpiece that in two years has collected more than 25 awards. Good 2-D graphics, interesting music, attention to detail and a convenient full-screen mode provided the game with the love of gamers of all ages for many years. In 2013, a sequel was released, which could become even more popular thanks to its free download. When the game of plants against zombies 3 is released on mobile devices, it is still unknown, but most likely you should expect a continuation no earlier than mid-2015.

Story - there are zombies in a quiet city

You bought a house in a quiet suburb with a lawn and a small pond. But on the first day, it turns out that troubled zombies live in the local cemetery. They seek to enter the house and gobble up your brain. The only way to escape is to plant the right plants in front of the entrance that will fight the undead. Plants vs. Zombies captivates in two ways. Firstly, you can immediately see that the game is made with a soul and a great sense of humor. Zombies periodically send you funny notes, and neighbor Dave is a crazy, but damn charismatic guy. Sometimes you begin to suspect him of conspiring with the undead, but in general he gives practical advice and sells useful things: unique plants, fertilizers, etc. There are no “faceless” characters in the game, each with their own character. Secondly, the authors invented dozens of variations on the theme of the struggle between the living and nonliving world. The war is on the lawn, in the pond, in the cemetery and even on the roof of the house. Weather changes, fog creeps in and thunderstorms occur, days replace nights. More situations in mini-games and puzzles (about them below).

Dangerous plants

40 different plants protect the house, 8 more can be bought in the Mad Dave shop. First of all, you need to plant sunflowers that give the suns. We get the rest of the units on them. Dave's goods are sold for coins, we get them for success in the fight against the enemy.

Игры Растения против Зомби

Screenshot from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, PopCap Games and Electronic Arts.

In an online game of plants against zombies, some groups of plants cause direct damage (for example, pea guns and watermelons), others slow down zombies by throwing ice peas and pieces in them oils. You can defend yourself with the help of thorns and spikes, which cry when attackers eat them. Vegetable bombs and killer mushrooms give a good effect. In general, each is useful in its own way.

Funny zombies

You are opposed by 26 types of zombies, from ordinary dull clerks to the giant Gargantua and the evil genius Dr. Zombatos, who controls the robot. When you play plants against zombies, you will notice how the theme of sport is revealed: among the attackers there are bobsledders, athletes and soccer players. Balloon freaks, scuba divers and disco dancers also dream of eating your brain. Each of the 26 species is unique, and it has not only a bright and recognizable appearance, but also unique abilities.

Игра Растения против Зомби 3

Screenshot from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, PopCap Games and Electronic Arts.

Some enemies are well protected, some are able to jump over your barriers from potatoes, and there are also species of the living dead who run very fast, can call for help and fly in behind your plants on balloons, taking them to your den. And the bosses do have almost unlimited abilities, so you have to throw all your strength into victory over them. All plants and carrots are described in the Almanac, which is very fun to read. From it you will learn the life credo of some zombies, biographical details, vulnerabilities and cost of equipment.

Game modes

  • Adventure mode is a standard game with sequential passage of levels, each more difficult than the previous one. As your skill grows, other modes become available.
  • Mini-games are 20 different situations. You have to fight with zombies in an accelerated mode, chop into bowling with stenochami, beat with a hammer on the head of enemies crawling out from under the tombstone. It will also become known about the existence of a zombie plant, Zombotanik.
  • Rebusov is also 20. Finally, you can play as an opponent, that is, being a zombie, get to the cherished brains through the wall of the garden flora. The second half of the puzzles is a "vase." Here you need to blindly break amphorae: in some, plants are hidden, in others - the dead.
  • The Survival mode is similar to an adventure with the difference that the battles are continuous and there is no end to them.
  • In addition to the four modes, there is a bonus in the form of Zen Garden. Here you can grow flowers, mushrooms and aquatic plants. If you look after them, they give coins. Hand snail helps to collect gold. The Tree of Wisdom grows in the garden, which gives tips and codes for the game. These codes force the enemies to dance, grow a mustache, and after the death of the enemy candy and daisies blossom from it.


In 2013, the second part of the epic was released. It essentially differs from the first one in that Mad Dave, having converted his van into a time machine, takes us to the distant past. But in ancient Egypt, on the pirate seas and the Wild West, the walking dead are waiting for us! The only drawback of the second part was that it was initially focused on mobile devices and is shareware in nature. So the free game Plants vs Zombies 2 online, for the computer, has not yet been released. As for the gameplay changes. That second part boasts more detailed graphics, thoughtful balance and strength and an interesting in-game store. Unfortunately, due to shareware, passing levels has become more difficult.

Игра Растения против Зомби 2

Screenshot from Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, PopCap Games and Electronic Arts.

But developers need to live on something, which means that everything must be done so that gamers buy gold for themselves, which, in a virtual store, various upgrades and super hits will be available. New plants appeared in the arsenal, for example, a broccoli boxer. Naturally, zombies have also undergone changes. New tasks were added to the gameplay, the terrain of the battlefields has changed. All with the same thoroughness, and even better, the facial expressions of the fighters were worked out. In general, the developers did their best. But all this is available only to owners of mobile devices with Apple and Android operating systems, and those who want to play Plants vs Zombies 2 online should wait until the end of 2014, when most likely the free version of the arcade will be released.