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Игры Рапунцель картинка

                                   Being the tenth Disney princess is very responsible. It was such an honor that fell to one of the heroines of the fairy tales of the brothers Grim Rapunzel. One more event joined this event with a toe at the end, whether it happened by chance or intentionally, but it was the fairy tale about the long-haired beauty Rapunzel that became the 50th full-length animated film shot at the Disney film studio. But the fact that the budget of this film amounted to 260 million dollars is an indisputable fact, as well as the fact that the animators needed to fit as many as 3 thousand citizens in the last scene, delighted with the return of the princess. Rapunzel games for girls will allow you to take part in the continuation of the adventures of a young princess.

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О мультфильме Рапунцель

Following the first cartoon, which was released in 2010, the second short film soon came out. Not far off is the moment when viewers can appreciate the long-awaited sequel. It is planned for 2015. A lot of people are looking forward to it, because the story of a beauty with magic hair won the hearts of millions. In the meantime, a new cartoon has not yet been released, the Rapunzel games continue to be released with a frequency of several months.

Игры Рапунцель

It all started with a sun drop, at the place of the fall of which grew a magical flower with a unique ability to heal and restore youth. It was this flower, or rather its unique properties, that served as the beginning of this magical and very complicated story.

The girl from the tower and the world that surrounds her

Being in captivity for almost 18 years and it is holy to believe that only a loving daughter can do it for the good. Just such kind, responsive and naive was Rapunzel, a young beauty with an excellent voice and very long luxurious hair.

In addition to her mother Gothel, she only communicates with a little chameleon named Pascal, whose strict mother does not even know existed . It is this animal, who does not even know how to speak, is both a friend and mentor of a cute girl.

For 18 years of imprisonment, Rapunzel learned a lot. She is engaged in creating coziness inside the tower, knows how to cook perfectly, sculpt pots and candles, knows how to sew and knit excellently, but at the same time she wonders when she will actually begin to live truly. Rapunzel has a cherished dream to see the lights. The girl even painted them on one of the walls of the tower.

The case that changed everything

The meeting with the kingdom thief Flynn Ryder changed everything. This young man who stole the crown, and saved Rapunzel from half voluntary imprisonment. Having accidentally got into the tower, the guy is forced to save the conditions dictated by the girl, to take her to the lights that appear in the sky every year on her birthday to save her own skin. It is from him that Rapunzel learns the story of the missing princess, in memory of which the king and queen throw thousands of lanterns into the sky every year.

Игры Рапунцель

Freedom, the wonderful world, meeting new people, even let robbers from an institution with a dubious reputation, and an amazing journey with a mass of dangerous adventures brought the young people together just so much that they fall in love with each other.

Chance to take revenge on Ryder

The art of manipulating people is not given to many. The insidious evil Gothel possesses it perfectly. Realizing that absolutely everything is at stake, she contacts Ryder’s accomplices in the hope of returning everything to their places and continue to use Rapunzel’s magical gift. Gotel gives the crown to the girl and advises to return it to Ryder in order to make sure that in addition to this little thing the young man does not need anything from her. The comedy played in front of Rapunzel was so believable that the girl begins to believe that Eugene, namely that was the real name of her lover, left her.

True friendship: that's what it is

Returning to the tower after the trip, Rapunzel quickly realizes that she is the missing princess. From the naivete of the girl there is no trace left. The deception has been uncovered, evil has cast off the masks, but there is goodness that the princess managed to give to those around her just a day of talking with them. Having told the tavern regulars, by the way, to tell the inveterate robbers, about their dream, Rapunzel at the same time learns about their innermost desires, which will forever win the love and respect of such a peculiar audience. Even the captain's horse Maximus, who only dreamed of how to catch Ryder, after a conversation with Rapunzel, changes his anger to mercy and becomes the best friend of young people. By the way, it is he who organizes the escape of Eugene and himself delivers the latter to the tower in order to save the young princess.

When one dream comes true, it is replaced by another

Dreams are different. And as Eugene correctly noted, when some of them come true, they are immediately replaced by others. Dreams in this complicated story came true for absolutely everyone: the king and the queen, who found their long-lost daughter, Rapunzel and Eugene, who found each other, even the good-natured, cheerful robbers who helped Eugene escape from prison in order to save his beloved from the evil and treacherous old woman Gotel.

Of course, it all ended in a wedding. It could not be otherwise. There was also a story about wedding rings, very instructive, funny and at the same time a mystery to many guests, as well as games with Rapunzel, told us some interesting stories.

Ahead is the time that Rapunzel so dreamed about. Finally, she will begin to live truly. And it is very doubtful that once having felt the spirit of freedom, she, together with her handsome husband, will be able to sit still. This couple has a lot of interesting adventures ahead.