Fluffy Games

Игры Пушистики картинка

What could be more pleasant for girls than a fluffy kitten fur or a fur ball for a backpack? Young beauties simply adore everything soft and are ready for a long time not to let such things out of their hands. So they will certainly enjoy the fluffy games for girls. They talk about balls, as if actually made of fur. There are several different games in the section, mainly puzzles from series 3 in a row. They need to collect three soft lumps of the same color in a row.

The most popular game for girls is Wubis. This is a kind of puss with eyes, with their help he is able to express various emotions. In the arcades, you launch pussies of various colors like shells. The goal is to get into a certain area. Upon a successful hit, one-colored circles will disappear from the field, and the Vubis will be able to free themselves from captivity. Be careful when you start playing!

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