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Игры Поу картинка

                                   If you want to get acquainted with a sweet, kind and charming representative of an extraterrestrial civilization and help a cutie adapt in our complex world, then you should pay attention to Pow games for girls. Such a variety of arcades is quite rare. In our world, your baby is not always easy. Hurry to help the charismatic Poe get out of all kinds of alterations, become a guide in his many adventures. By the way, this kind fellow is so contactable and friendly that he will be able to do anything with himself.

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Игра Поу скейтбордист Pow skateboarder
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Откуда взялся Поу

History is silent about where Pou lived before he came to Earth. But everyone, without exception, knows that he is sweet and kind. In appearance it looks like a slightly flattened potato with eyes wide open, in a jelly-like state. A kind of smiling triangle, giving others a lot of positive emotions. At the same time, one does not want to call this character a reasonable substance. After all, this is Pou.

By the way, in many games not only this kid is present, it seems that his whole family has adapted to life on our planet. Sometimes in games for girls our hero appears along with someone of his own kind. There are games in which a smiling fellow tries to find his girlfriend, and requires all possible help from us, while in others, he is in real danger and if this virtual crumb is not helped on time, he himself can turn into jelly. Thirdly, Pou needs constant supervision. In general, no matter which of the Pou games the girls choose, any one will be interesting.

The most patient and peace-loving

Our baby does not show aggression, on the contrary, creating nicer ones in the computer world is simple can not found. All as one Pou games are cute and kind. In many, the baby needs to be looked after, because he himself will not pick up water in the bathtub and will not be able to rub himself with a washcloth in human terms, the alien still.

We must pay tribute to our hero: do not take courage for him. Not every girl decides to open her mouth wide in the dentist’s office, but for Pou it’s a couple of nonsense. This obedient patient also visits other doctors readily and allows himself to be examined freely: it looks like he even likes to be treated.

Игры Поу

In addition, the baby serves the girls as a living dummy. For hours he can do makeup or choose a hairstyle, while the kid endures all creative experiments meekly. In the course of the game, he will be painted in all the colors of the rainbow, then dressed, whatever they see fit, because the desire is to be make-up artists, hairdressers or fashion designers in girls in the blood, and Pou does not mind being useful to someone. In addition, changing the image is so cool.

By the way, the kid from the games about Pou has no equal in the kitchen, then he feels at home. With pleasure, our hero in many games fries or cooks something tasty, cooks all kinds of desserts, sweets, loves ice cream very much. If desired, he can share his knowledge with all the girls, he doesn’t feel sorry for friends.

Popularity knows no boundaries

Cutie Pou is so popular that girls haven’t wanted to go with him lately part even away from computers. Pou games take pride of place on many phones and tablets. So you can easily take care of him not only at home, but also in any other place, and even tell your friends about it, because playing in the company is always more fun.

Игры Поу

Without a doubt, Pou is popular. Still: he is an excellent cook, a very obedient patient, a convenient and unpretentious client, he is friendly and responsive. Someone is not familiar, but this crumbs have excellent organizational skills. He can easily organize a great party for friends on Halloween or a dinner party, does not bother him at all, and one hundred after such large-scale events will have to carry out a general cleaning in the room or wash the mountains of dirty dishes. What you won’t do for friends. And at least there are plenty of friends among the boys and girls. ”

No matter what Pow does, he will not be bored with him. In one game, he falls in love and hurries to a sweetheart on a date, in another he sets off on a long journey, and in the third he invites all girls and boys in the district to visit him. In general, whatever you say, this big-eyed alien managed to gain authority among the children.

What can you learn next to Pou

The games about the good alien are very often saturated with positive. You can’t learn the bad in them, but the good is easy. In many games, a charismatic kid needs to be taken care of: wash or comb, bathe or feed. It is also necessary to monitor the health of this charming woman. So girls have the opportunity during the game to learn how and how to entertain the kids and at the same time acquire a lot of useful skills. And besides, it’s wonderful that you can play all the arcades with Pou online for free on our portal.

In addition, the profession of make-up artist, stylist or hairdresser in the company of this nice creature, who has become a true friend for many, can also be mastered, if there was a desire. Well, girls are also interested in cooking in a company with such an extravagant cook.
No matter what this cute kid, who won the hearts of millions, is busy, you can definitely say that you can’t learn bad things from him, but you can easily become better and kinder with Pou. Join the game, it’s so exciting.