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Игры Пони Креатор картинка

Ponies are such small, low horses. They are somewhat different from their taller counterparts. Firstly, they support a lower weight due to the peculiarities of their structure. Secondly, you look at these faces - they are much nicer and more charming than real horses. Turn on the pony creator games and finally create your own little magic horse.

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Friendship is a miracle

You can create absolutely any horse, it all depends on your imagination. The pony creator game for girls already even has several parts, in each there are new chips and things so that your horse remains the most unique and beautiful.

Игры пони креатор

For example, here is a list of what you can change for your heroine:

  • height - make it very high or low;
  • weight - it doesn’t matter, you like cute well-fed horses or slender, like real fallow deer;
  • body color - from black to white, all colors of the rainbow are available to you;
  • head - add a horn to it and make it a unicorn, straighten your eyes and pupils, or add some kind of drawing to the cute face;
  • hairstyles and accessories - anything so that you can make your pony a real beauty.

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Для этого из устройств вам будет нужна лишь мышка, а вот для креатива потребуется немного смекалки и хорошее настроение. Ведь создавать пони — это настоящий и очень творческий процесс. Советуем, для начала вообразить как бы вы хотели, чтобы выглядела ваша героиня в пони креатор — какого она будет роста, веса, какие украшения предпочитает. Придумайте ей характер и какие-то отличительные черты, ведь если посмотреть на оригинальных маленьких пони — они все-все разные.

Новые прически в игре пони креатор

Remember, for example, Princess Celestia is a stately and smart horse, she runs the whole Equestria. Or take its opposite - Queen Chrysalis - this black, angry ruler has sharp teeth, branched horns and generally does not differ in friendliness. In general, all that stops you is your imagination, go for it!